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  1. Hi ppl does anyone know a emulator to play c64 roms? I know vice64x but you have to emu to OG Xbox would be greatful for any info Cheers ppl
  2. Have you checked your temperature? What is your fan speed at?
  3. Hi all, right I've just got a seagate 3tb external hard drive. ive formatted it to fat32 with two different programs Aomei and paragon partition managers which both did say was formatted to fat32. But each time I plug hd into jtag nothing shows on aurora or fsd or exe menu. On xbox360 dash it shows unformatted but of course it won't format from here. So no where does it say usb connected. So any ideas?? I even made a partition of 2tb and 1tb still won't pick it up. I remember wasn't they a problem years ago with regards to the usb connection? This hard drive has micro b usb port to usb 3. 0 so I wonder if this is causing the problem???
  4. No bud I got it all sorted now. It's just me acting like a noob.
  5. Give it time and they will bring new update out. But glad it worked took me hours to figure out has I like you had to use phone connected to laptop and Lan cable. Aroura is new to me has I always used fsd in the passed. But I can see the benefits to aroura. Anyways if you need anymore help just message me. Stay safe
  6. So did you manage to get the covers?
  7. Sorry still getting used to the site. Cheers for the heads up
  8. I've sent you a message bud hope it helps
  9. If you can using ftp way? I can help
  10. Hi bud are you using ftp way? Because other manual way with usb didn't work
  11. I think so bud. But then I used the ftp way and it worked perfectly. I had to spend about 2 hours putting the covers on 1 at a time. Thank you again for your help
  12. I don't know how but i got aroura asst working now and I managed to get covers I had to manually send each cover thorough ftp one at a time which took me a few hours. But I did it!!! Thank you so much for your help and guidance
  13. Can anyone help I need some covers for my games. I have problems with aroura asst editor not saving. A member from here has given me lots of help and he suggested I ask other members whilst he is looking into the problem. SO I lost all my covers. I can only manually put covers on. So can anyone send me covers for: Skyrim, assassins creed black flag, batman arkham asylum goty. I need covers for more but i don't want to seem greedy. It's a shame nobody has ever thought of uploading covers for all the games yet. But anyway please help thank you
  14. Thanks for all your help. It's good to know there are still ppl out there willing to help. It came a shock to me to find out xbox360iso. Com more or less shut down. Had a jtag back in 2013 times change. Got rid now after long-time got another 2weeks ago and everything is different. But again thanks for you help and good luck hope u can sort it. Be safe out there
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