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  1. Hello, this is the NEW Default Theme 2.94 from Drver to Aurora 0.7b.2 r1655. Driver2.94.xzp
  2. NEW Default Skin for Aurora with Layouts HD for big screen. Thank you to my brother for Skin that I share with you. Driver & rash2236 Arcade Team Service. NEW Default Skin - black and fast with hidden subtitles boot screens. Layouts with Large Covers are great for HDTV at a short distance. Download
  3. yes, the covers appeared, someone should update AssetEditor to 1.4 who uses LAN at these times haha
  4. thanks for showing interest LAN connection helps. the wifi didn't work
  5. I have the same problem with game covers Aurora Asset Editor 1.3.1 sends blank covers
  6. dzięki za tłumaczenie oby dodali je do najnowszej wersji Aurora pozdrawiam rodaków Kurwa
  7. that's not what I mean. the idea is to run dvd 2 or 3 ... from the aurora level, having only one cover to be able to "switch the discs" that are to be started after the change, I suggested the analog button then this icon in the bottom corner could change the color signaling which disc you will start
  8. Multi-disc games like Spinter Cell: BlackList are played on 2 discs. Aurora 0.7b.1 displays 2 game positions. After setting the "Hide MultiDisc" filter, the game takes one position, which is indicated by the icon in the lower right corner of the screen. And now, how could it be possible to change the disc with the button, eg Right Analog, so that you could run the 2nd disc or the first from the level of one game cover. This would make it possible to run games such as L.A Noire from any disc, not just the first one, having only one item in the game list.
  9. please add these covers. I have a lot more new fresh high definition gaming covers
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