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  1. What ftp client did you use? Did you try to copy some from xbox to your PC ? To witch folder you try put this file? Try shorten the file name.
  2. Some one find this topic download all stuff from first post and have problem with run app do they ask for help here. Packed from my post i create my self so i be sure it's fine and you have everything in one File to download
  3. You can try download this packed. -> Packed include a) app netflix b) media update c) update for NETFLIX "ver16" (TU 16) Netflix for realmodscene .rar
  4. Update v3. New file available to download in first post. What`s new: Orginal ----------------- V1 ---------------------- V3 Achievements Osiognięcia Osiągnięcia.
  5. Hmm. If you still have problem can you tell us where you put your Aurora folders? On HDD or USB ? Did you try to check health of your HDD ?
  6. How deep scan path did you set? Did you try to set new scan path include only game with one you have problem?
  7. I just add .xml and .dat file for translation. In first post new .xzp file to download: - fix info in settings it tab Profil about login preference
  8. Hello all. I made a translation for Aurora 7.0b to polish language. The translation is done 100%. Maybe someone will use it. File: PL-PLv3.xzp CRC-32: a0aa1aee MD4: e952eb6c075d72d8f00a26de8cbf59ba MD5: b89568d3857ca19259caded7c56a61fe SHA-1: 966d42441d85261eb89ede1659b42ef23336c151 File : pl-PL piterk.dat CRC-32: 3c94a636 MD4: 3eb44b6ed30a12b4f506b4437c4d3bef MD5: e4a5502cc36b0237ce9e743232b5fbd5 SHA-1: 1f05707bdd3090ffd2c467cf7084c1e88044b480 File: PL-PL.xml CRC-32: 40725723 MD4: c6f4c2d1126c860df9b0f59034b7e1c9 MD5: 9b50089029ad12691fc6c4e20f769261 SHA-1: 35b4dd5fe360aec73b35686dc691879b3e39da88 pl-PL piterk.dat PL-PL.xml PL-PLv3.xzp
  9. Swizzy maybe can you help me. I try translated Weather Script and i almost done in 90%. But i have problem with 2 stuff. One problem is on first tab. I can`t find any solution to translated two posiotion - Wind Speed - Weather Problem number two is on second tab. - Here is problem with name of day. I try to edit gizmo.lua and add some if to recognize what name for this posiotion is download from API a then choose what texbox should show. But it's probably not the good way. So maybe you can find any solution for this.
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