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  1. Removed the HUD Plugin in Aurora and it works now.
  2. They were corrupted got them downloaded again
  3. I copied the games that I bought from Xbox Live to another console with RGH but they don't start. Games that I copied from a disc work well.
  4. I tried to replace the Compatibility folder in both HDD1 and HDDX. I tried the fix from ConsoleMods both Regular and Hacked versions don't work.
  5. CS1996

    Games not starting

    Some games work while others don't. Is there a fix for this? I want to add that the games that don't work I copied from another hard drive and that these game were bought and downloaded from Xbox Live from a different console. Games that I downloaded from the internet, copied from a disc and that are from XBLA work, all the other ones don't.
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