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  1. News Recap from Xbox One Research. And a little video.
  2. The guy under the name baw is reporting, he can dump any Xbox titles from a Xbox One retail console. How he got the files is currently unknown. More infos in the near future. Source: nitter.poast.org
  3. The User Doom from obscure gamers board has reported Code execution on Xbox One Boot Rom, before anything is loaded. How he get access to the Boot Rom is currently not known. More information will follow in the Future. Source: nitter.poast.org
  4. Like I said, no Warez support here on RMS: Closed.
  5. Of course you can not use your moded Console to download Xbox Games from Xbox Live. Other things like piratet, or Warez (Downloaded Games from Web) are not supported here on Realmodscene.
  6. Dr.Gonzo

    Games not starting

    No warez support. Closed.
  7. We are currently on version 0.7b.2. You can find it here.
  8. Here is the latest AURORA 0.7B.2 USB version. AURORA 0.7B.2 USB.rar
  9. You have to build a new flash Image for your specific Xbox 360 device (with the patches) and flash it to your console. The www is full of tutorials.
  10. Nope. Xell has no MMC Drivers for writing.
  11. My last information is it works only with external usb drives. Maybe there are new updates in the wild. I do not know.
  12. With 16TB USB patches you can use three USB Hdds at the same time. The patches have several disadvantages. You cant use the internal format function, coz the way how the Xbox 360 speak with the (Patches) USB drive is a little bit different. You need the FATXplorer to formating your USB drives. If you use a console with internal usb memory you cant it use it with the 16 TB USB Patches. I had try the 16 TB USB patches for a long time in conjunction with a 12 TB Western Digital WD Red Plus. It works. XeBuild USB Patches 2-16 TB.rar
  13. If both units (Xbox360 & Wireless Reciver for your PC) are running on the same wireless channel, than yes. But I`m not realy sure, that the controller work with two different devices simultaneously. Just try it out !
  14. You can use easily your Xbox 360 controller over usb, or even with Wireless Gaming Receiver on your PC. You dont need two different Xbox 360 controllers.
  15. There are a lot of programms like XDVDMulleter, Create Iso (by Foggy). What are you up to ?
  16. The Jtag & RGH unit should recognize the HD Player without any kind of problems, except your unit is on a very old Dashboard version. In the early days the HD Player came out with installtion disc. But in all the years, i never needed it.
  17. Please use a meningful Topic. Otherwise your Thread get crashed !
  18. The JTAG Hack was created by german guys Felix Domke, a.k.a tmbinc and Michael Steil.
  19. You need the 2.0.17489 retail update. But its better you update directly your kernel to the latest RGH 2.0.17559 Kernel/Dash.
  20. A standalone emulator for Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH is not available. Im not sure, if Felidas Retroarch for Xbox 360 contains cores for C64, VIC20.
  21. In your case not. The hacked Xbox 1 Emulator is able to play all regions. Like I said, in your case it is immaterial whether (game, video) region you spoof.
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