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  1. sector by sector and bit by bit method is exactly the same and it would be exact copy so even with 100GB hdd it would work as if was 10GB but I didn't manage to find any software capable of copying the xbox's hdd so I'll wait for this game needed for softmod arrive s(forget the title... already ordered one) and then I'll prepare the new hdd under softmodded console Chip mod in not really an option no more cuz first of all u wont find a chip itself and secondly modding would cost much more than the console itself dunno how much they cost abroad but in Europe u can get a working xbox for 10-15€ and the original controller for 9-10€, though I bought 2 for 10€ xD
  2. I got recently an old xbox cheaply but it's HDD is almost dead, it doesn't even start from time to time and I can hear by noise that sht is wrong inside the disk so I need to replace it and I've got some old PC ATA disks and the question is how to replace it without softmoding? I don't want to mod the console since I have another one and I'll sell this one. Or is it just easier to softmod, replace HDD and ther reverse the soft mod? My first thought was to make 'bit-by-bit' copy of the xbox HDD to the new one but couldn't find any software which would work with xbox HDD all were giving errors when I was trying to start copying. This is kinda off topic but... can I change the region from PAL to NTSC while softmoding the console (to force all the games to run at 60Hz cuz like I tested before on my x360 even games without pal60 support can be forced to run at 60Hz )
  3. Thank you for help, I've done everything according to the manual and it works I've tried changing to NTSC USA at first but it didn't work, when I flashed it and dumped back again it was still on PAL but then I tried to change to Japanese (all my games are PAL or NTSC-J from Japan anyway...) and it did work
  4. That's great Thanks a lot If I have any problem with that method I'll write here back for help
  5. You are wrong all HD TVs in EU run at 60HZ and 99.9999% of these old ones as well but acording to PAL standart they should run at 50Hz but I have seen only one old, no-name TV without 60Hz support and when I connected to it PS2 (PAL) and tried to run a game with 60HZ settings (on PS2 you could choose between 50 and 60 in settings of some of the games) than it didn't work Furthermore I have used Japanese Nintendo Famicom and Super Famicom (both NTSC) through AV and euro-scart RGB on old CRT PAL-SECAM TVs and modern ones and I can say that TV is not a problem at all The problem is that even though games are NTSC 60Hz (from japan), x360 forces them to 50Hz. To sum up... I can use XeBuild to create an dashboard update witch should change my system region to NTSC as well? I'm totally snowed under the work so I'll have some time at the weekend to try to do this Thanks fro your response
  6. I have a few NTSC games for classic xbox but my x360 is PAL and if the PAL version of the same game doesn't support 60Hz then the NTSC game is forced to run at 50Hz which causes glitches and slowdowns. I've already tried region spoof from DashLaunch (with US NTSC region code) but it doesn't work at all so I want to change the region of my console. How can I do that? I've only tound this short tutorial http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/46130-Change-DVD-key-and-Game-Region-Code-on-Xbox360-(CPU-key-required) (sorry that I'm linking another forum ) Is it still actual? Where can I download "flashtool" and how to upload (I already know that it can be downloaded through Xell from browser) the modified file back to the console?
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