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  1. Dr.Gonzo. I tried to execute the xex file but it doesnt not run. is there any tutorial how to push these drivers to xbox360? thanks
  2. Thank you will try it with a 4TB. Question. When you save a game with that patch you must save it on the external HDD instead of the internal. Is that correct? My console has internal HDD where Aurora is and all the games on external usb HDD.
  3. Hi, is there any patch for Aurora that allow me to use all 4 USB with 2TB HDD? Has anyone used FATXplorer? does it work? recommended? thank you!
  4. thanks I ran the checks for the ports and everything and all succeed, however I dont see it enabled in the XBOX360 menu. I opened PES 2018 hoping I could play it online but Link in the XBOX menu is grayed
  5. Hi, how do I install Link in aurora? I dont see it in Modules inside Aurora. I only have nova dashlaunch and ftp server listed thanks
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