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  1. Dr. Gonzo thanks so much. I realized after posting I could probably just use the HD-DVD player hooked up to a windows device and figured that out so I could get to the HD-DVD movies. I was then able to add them to my Plex collection. I did run into a problem where about 20% of the HD-DVD movies would fail. Not sure it was disk rot or what as many of them had never been out of the original wrapping. But it worked great for the others using makemkv software. The videos look and play great.
  2. All, a buddy of mine has an old xbox 360 HD-DVD player and I found a bunch of old HD-DVD movies I have from years ago for some reason. Will a modded Xbox360 recognize and play the movies? I am just curious and I seems to remember I had to have a disk of software with that player and I do not want to damage my modded setup by plugging it in. Thanks in advance, Oldguy
  3. KiwiMeoWii thanks so much, your guidance worked. I did one game at a time as I do not have many so I did not have any crashing issues. Also, I figured out that with Aurora Asset Editor I can create my own covers and drag and drop them into the box for cover art and then save the cover and it updates my Xbox. So for many of the original Xbox titles that are not in Unity I can quickly create my own. I probably should have tried that earlier. Noob mistake on my part.
  4. I am new to the community and am trying to get synopsis data, backgrounds and marketplace ratings to load. I am on the newest Aurora and I do get DLC, title updates and box art from Unity with no issue. It seems I am not getting any update from xbox.com. I also have Aurora Asset Editor 1.3.1 from github but the scrape to xbox.com will not work as I am not allow to select my country region as that dropdown is blank. Many threads indicate that Aurora Asset Editor no long functions as Microsoft changed something with xbox.com. Is that correct? If not what version do I need to download and where do I find that version? Also I read somewhere that Aurora would scrape from xbox.com if I disable livestrong in my dashboard. Is that true? Does that put me at some type of risk of being banned or something? Is it save to do that? Thanks, Steve
  5. Thanks for the clarification. So do I request games being added in this forum or do I submit them in some different way? Also, did I send enough information to even request them being added? I want to make sure I am following the proper process.
  6. All, I am new to RealModScene and owning a Xbox 360 jtag/rgh system. I have loaded all my original xbox and xbox 360 games on my system but notice a number of covers do not populate. So I would like to upload a request but the xboxunity.net add title option just has a spinning graphic after I type the title of the game. It never returns anything. What am I doing wrong? Also, if I get it to work what rules do I have to follow to upload a cover? For instance is it a specific format, size and does it have to be something I created or if I find one on the internet can I submit that one. The current games I want to request request are: Game: Dead Man's Hand System: xbox1 Database ID: 0000002E TitleID: 4940027 Media ID: 00000000 I have a graphic for this one but not sure it fits the rules. Game: Panzer Elite Action System: xbox1 Database ID: 0000002C TitleID: 5752082F Media ID: 13C04BA5 I have not looked for a cover graphic for this one but could if that would help. Sorry for the noob questions. Thanks in advance for any guidance.
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