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  1. no it's directly connected to router And my setup is Dsl modem to router Dsl (actually mine is ADSL)
  2. no i was banned from xbox live i never have tried to use LiNK so far via Lan cable and maybe you should know that nova and webuI is activated for me and net works for downloading tu from unity markerplace
  3. Hey pal I could port forward 3071 and 3072 but when I verify that on Aurora it still fails !!!(and I also checked many other ports with successful portforwarding like 4071 and 4072 and ....) you know my console is already banned is that because of that ?! 😢 If it is, is there another way to fix connection to the LiNK?❓
  4. thanks pal you know I already portforwarded 3074 (which is for xbox live 😂) and it worked (but i didn't expect that !!! ) but i didn't try that in Aurora I don't know wether it works or not!!😁 after all thanks for your useful answers
  5. yeah I know where to change port numbers in Aurora but can you please say me what ports should I try? you know because I want to play online with other jtag users
  6. thanks for your reply but may I ask like what kind of port numbers I should try? because I want connect link via Aurora and it needs port 3071&3072 I never portforwarded on these ports before but my modem router says"duplicated port numbers"!!!!
  7. Please Help I don't know why whenever I want to portforward to my rgh console (on port 3071&3072 which are for LiNK), I always face "duplicate port number" error Does somebody know here how to fix that error?! (my router is TP-LINK TD-W8901G)
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