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  1. Hi all, Just dusted off the 360 recently and decided to have another go at the excellent Far Cry 4 again. I have a RGH unit in the front room with the latest Aurora installed and set up correctly with all my games running from the internal hard drive. So I ripped my original retail Far Cry 4 disc using my Vad 0800 drive and shows as title id-555308CA and media id-09D5655A in 360mpGui. Extracted it with Swizzys XISO Extractor and then followed the guides on the web for installing Far Cry 4 onto RGH and ftp'd it across as an xex game and the game plays fine My lad has a retail box in his room that he uses for live so I then grabbed the most recent FC4 title update, moved this onto a USB stick, then to my computer and then sent it to my RGH console with 360 Content Manager. In 360 Content Manager it shows the title update with the correct title id and media id as the retail disc game I ripped. When I launch the game now with the title update applied it shows the pop up 'Version Mismatch - This game has been updated to an incompatible version' Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  2. Dude, Chill, these guys are only doing it as a hobby and we have to thank them that there is something like Aurora to use
  3. http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0
  4. If its for updating your kernel/dash use the excellent xeBuild GUI, miles better Plus I don't think J-Runners being worked on anymore, correct me if I'm wrong???
  5. Felida, Is it TeamFSD website in relation to RxE????
  6. Thanks for the replies, never used the updserv to update tbh but this could just be me being a bit OCD and liking control over what I do (as Swizzy said!) plus I've always done it manually ever since my first JTAG a few years ago and perhaps a bit of ignorance on my part to try new procedures lol Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks for the replies guys......gavin I always dump my nand at least 6 times (anal I know) then cross check each one for bad blocks and before the 17489 there were none, I then used Xebuild GUI to create the image but always leave the default xell loading as eject button, all the usual dashlaunch settings and then simple nand flasher to upgrade, always no issues with loading FSD or now Aurora and everything runs super smoothly, I'm gonna try the default xell to ir remote as ya said and keep ya posted......ey happy new year to ya all very shortly !! Sent from my Wileyfox Swift using Tapatalk
  8. Thanks for the reply pal, I'll have a look but I hadn't fiddled about with the insides when I first upgraded from the 17349 dash to 17489. I had no issues running 17349 and Xell didn't boot up on its own. I then upgraded to the 17489 without opening anything on the Xbox and this is when I started with this funny issue ???? Maybe a downgrade back to 17349 but we're playing the Rise of the Tomb Raider and I believe that the lastest TU requires the lastest dash? Thanks
  9. Swizzy, Altered the 'nodvd' to true and installed the updflash with your Simple 360 nand flasher but it still booted to Xell Reloaded after it had ben switched off for a couple of minutes. I then had a look round in the loft and found an old dvd drive, installed the correct dvd key, re-did the image, installed it but it still boots to Xell by itself after a couple of minutes being switched off. When I finish playing on the Xbox I unplug so it doesn't boot to Xell which is no problems but I would really like to get it sorted. The Xbox runs like normal during game play and with Aurora no issues at all....... Anyone any ideas what I'm missing? Thanks
  10. Cheers Swizzy,It will have been xeBuild but it was encased around a GUI but cannot recall what it was!! Is there an option in your xeBuild GUI 2.097 for no dvd to be added to the bin file pal? Thanks Scratch that Swizzy, Think I found it on your GUI, I wasn't using advanced mode then on xeBuild settings theres an option for nodvd, I presume I just alter this from false to true? Cheers
  11. Hi all, Just wondered if you folks could help me out please? I've dusted off my RGH Xbox as it hasn't been used for ages and recently upgraded to the 17489 dash, done away with FSD and solely use the excellent Aurora for my dashboard. I don't have any DVD installed (this broke ages ago) so I FTP my games to the internal Xbox hard drive and this works a treat via Aurora. As I had no drive installed I had the 'always ejecting' status on the Xbox with the centre controller light flashing but as I've decided to start using the Xbox again I've bridged the DVD drive pins 4 and 6 which has stopped the flashing and always open status. My problem now is that after I switch the Xbox off about 2 or 3 minutes later it'll boot up on it's own straight into Xell Reloaded which I presume is something related to the eject button as this is the default setting for Xell to be loaded?? I do remember a few years ago that some software I used for building the nand (can't recall which one) had an option for no DVD installed which I presume would stop my current error? I would be most grateful if you could steer me in the right direction to get this sorted? Many thanks
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