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  1. SDK or also called Neighborhood is a application used for dev kits and allows users to modify games, eg make cheats, mods, maps etc. Google it and you'll find it and info to use it
  2. I'm wanting to convert my RGH2 console to running a dev kit nand. Not to be a developer but so I can run alpha n beta builds as there are lots of material that not on finial game releases. What I need to know is what is the latest public release and will it support 2gig drives. thanx in advance
  3. I don't think you followed advice that's been offered. On your external drive rename your GAME folder to Games or games, both options work for me. Then re-set you game scan path's in Aurora n you should be fine.Hope this help's
  4. Is that your Christmas wish list. half wot you want is about piracey, not gunna hapen, You really need 2 read site rules
  5. thanx, looks great, I'll give it a twirl. lol
  6. I think gavin is correct. latter hardware won't support early blades dash. you better off putting dashshit custom dash on, It works all good just not original. Have a look at this post if you wan't info on blades dash building. might be usefull https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/early-uis-and-ideas-for-the-360.24867/ The contributor has early dash builds codes n may help
  7. Got skin installed and looks great, thanx, look forward to more releases from you and the community
  8. If the txt in english I must b nuts. it's nice skin but the txt my kids can't understand n I thought where english txt. lol
  9. There a direct link NOW Wasn't earlier. I had tried original post with chrome. Edge n opera. All browsers I tried were same Unsafe Site n kept hanging. Anyway thanx for the updated link, the skin looks pretty cool. Just to say thanx for the skin. Installed fine and keep up your good work. ps It would be great an updated version of Black Ops skin.
  10. hey the skin .looks nice but chrome wont let me download it. says unsafe site then hangs trying to load it
  11. Skins look good but I'm not able to download them. Page keeps loading but hangs there.
  12. Thanx great to see new skins for 0;7b. look forward to installing.
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