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  1. Is there support for Corona 4G and Jasper BB on latest RGLoader (17489 rec) spoofed 17526?
  2. Yeah, creating new CON packages with previous LIVE packages content (a sort of license bypass). But it's not an unlock.
  3. Hi, have some LIVE packages to unlock. Can you help me out? The problem is they aren't games or DLC... Thanks
  4. Just screwed a little less that one and problem was solved. Forgot to write it here... I know about that, next time i will have experience from my side, so no problem for find a different way for the cables. Changing thread i really hoped to see an option for disable audio HDMI in this release since i use optical and each time i need to mute the TV. And yeah i know could use component and take only the video but very old school and we are in 2016. So, another useless update out in the wild.
  5. No Xell at all, that was the reason. Meanwhile once flashed, tested the boot and re-assembled. It didn't work, so dissassembled and boot test after each re-sassemble operation. Turned out that problem was the center, warranty screw under the mobo too screwed:)
  6. Updated my consoles with xebuild update -f 17511, one worked and other one blocked in the final, after all success, send reboot command. So after 10 minutes i rebooted manually, now it doesn't boot in Dash or Xell. That console uses a CR4 XL, trying a way to flash my nand using a J-Runner xebuild nand image with CR4 XL check box enabled. Flashed J-Runner 17511 nand image with J-R Programmer v2. No other ways to resolve.
  7. I wait then, thanks. @Dr.Gonzo Didn't know about it...
  8. Not yet, i am not at home in this moment. I will try them this evening...
  9. We dont support the distribution XBLS stuff & unofficial XeBuild builds ! Dr.Gonzo
  10. Consider 17502 is completely unless you go online, plus there isn't something new in 17502 from 17489. Now i don't know if some games require 17489, but the very great feature is from 17349 about 2 TB Hard Drive support. I think the software is now private/paid because people of team NiNja were involved in development and they always work for money. They develop stealth services for xbox live and what better way to do it than using latest RGLoader Kernel version as possible. I used your same sources:) and i managed to build a 17489 image, but it didn't work(It wasn't boot) so re-flashed old image back with Xell. I should need to do Kernel Debugging in order to know what went wrong, but meanwhile lost interest because all things i want to do now i can do with xbdm too, maybe is slower than devkit nand but for me it's enough. Like you said in the readme you can decompile it and have the source. If you really care about it, you have the tools to do it like Tydie81 says in the readme.
  11. Could be this one? http://dl.xblhammer.com/XBOX360/DevKit/17489/
  12. Thanks, i soldered with flux but problem is the first time i take in hand soldering iron. I resoldered later like you said as best of my actual possibilities, with time i will raise my skills in this part.
  13. Need cf_17502.bin, maybe cg_17502.bin too. Where can i find them please? No prob, find a post here about it.
  14. Thanks man, really. Hope to not come again here in this thread again and resolve all the thing. Problem was Posbit Jumper, was in wrong position. Solved.
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