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  1. IT WORKED!!! Many thanks, Felida! Many thanks, Gavin! Love u, guys!!!
  2. Well, I figured that, so I was looking for the Dashlaunch's .xex to change that... BUUUUT it happened that I has clicked in something I shouldn't, now I end up with my own Aurora messed up... in the last 40min I'm working to restore it. Right now, I'm back on Aurora 0.5b and trying (unsucessfully) to upgrade to 0.7b. So, Gavin, can you tell me more about it, please?? This Dashlaunch app comes with the 0.7b version, right? How can I access this config app? Or even the INI... And where can I find them?? EDIT: I'm back to 0.7b, hope I have overcome that problem for good... Oh! And now that "Ping Limit Patching" box in Dashlaunch is checked!!! That's what I call a blessing in disguise!! Here's my new NOVA's test results.
  3. Really?? Oh boy, and I was all portforwarding, "bridge-ing" my router, etc... So, I'm on it now. Opened the Dashlaunch in the "Modules" tab, but the options are all gray, I can't edit them. What should I do?? Meanwhile, I'll be doing some research.
  4. My Xbox is connected to the router, via Wi-Fi. It's connected to the same network as my PC, TV, smartphone, etc. Edit(s) I don't know if this is relevant, but whenever I try to test connection to the xbox live, it fails in two things: internet and xbox live... but even with these fails, I still can connect to internet with aurora: can run/download scripts, TUs, etc. Now I've got myself a new problem... My xbox is getting assigned to a IP that's out of the DHCP range. It happened after I tried to connect to a neighbour's internet, to see if I could play... Oh, for the record: I couldn't. The rooms didn't showed up in that other network 😕 Well, after some time: With a few resets (both modem/xbox) and the removal of IP reservation from the DHCP range, the automatic IP got back to normal and now I'm back to internet with Aurora, though still can't join any games. I ran this test with NOVA Script... does this helps? What is this "System Link Ping Limit Patch"??
  5. Well, Halo just worked, all of sudden... but now I'm having a similar issue with CoD BO2, probably because of the same thing. When I try to join a game, it says When I tried the static IP it was the same, as you said, just the last numbers were different... About DHCP, I never heard of that. I even don't know if It's enabled here... I'll do some research and see how it goes. Thanks a lot, man!! EDIT(s): Turns out I do have DHCP enabled. Went to my router's settings, saw the range and set my console's IP out of that... But didn't worked. Still have no internet connection when the static IP is set I just tried new things Instead of setting outside the range, I made a reservation for it. Didn't worked. Let the reservation set, and activated DMZ for xbox IP. Didn't worked as well. Removed Static IP (now I can access the internet and still have the same IP. Guess it was bcz of reservation). Portforwarded again, to 3071 and 3072: unsuccessful. Ps.: tried to play some Halo,but the error came back again
  6. Sup guys... I never played in link before since I got my rgh. Today I tried to play HALO REACH to have some fun, but all I'm having is headache... The things is: I open the game, join the public server, chose a party to join, then got a damn message: And so my journey began. I spent hours trying to solve the problem but I just can't nail it... someone could, please, help me?? I'm using TU1 I tried to port forward 3071, 3072 (both UDP/TCP) I tried to set a static IP to my xbox, but when I did it, Aurora failed to connect to the internet at all... I mean, normally I can login to Link, see the users, join the rooms, etc, but not with a static IP, even those things fails... I already have an Unity account, checked the "enabled unity connection" and put my API key in Aurora's Profile tab. Double checked API key Reset API key, double checked it again Below, the configuration I used to port forward my router. What should I do? Am I missing something?
  7. Ohhh I see!! I'll try that. Many thanks, bro!! 🙂
  8. Just tried that, but didn't worked out. It says my save game is corrupted... maybe it happened because of different profile's name? And if I do load a save game, could I get the achievements I made out so far? Also I realized that Skyrim isn't the only game that I had this issue... this sucks, I love achievements :(
  9. Any ideas of how to solve this??
  10. So, I've been playing Skyrim the last few days. I have about 38h of game right now... But I just noticed something odd: I don't have any Achievements!!! The game doesn't even show up on my profile's game list. In Aurora's "Details > Achievements" I get the message "No Achievements Found"... And I just don't know why. And even don't know If I had this problem in another games (maybe It got unnoticed by me)... And there's something even stranger: my girlfriend is playing Skyrim too, and in her profile there's no problem with Achievements at all... Whats happening? How can I fix this? Someone please help me
  11. YAY I DID IT!! Felida, many thanks!! The 360 Content Manager hint was gold!!! Turns out that one of the DLC's game was actually a Borderlands 2 DLC... dunno why, well, I guess you already said it: ye olde big pirate YAAARRR HARR!! Thanks again for showing me the way, brudda!
  12. Oh boy... I got scared big time with this message... can we get rid with this topic after the case is closed...?? I'll go after the 360 Content Manager, but how should I use it to solve my problem?
  13. Hey everyone...So, I'm kind of a new Aurora user and I'm trying to get used to everything: knowing step-by-step how to install a game, connect to unity, navigate through the system, etc... But I'm having a big problem... All tutorials that I see are on youtube, and I think that's horrible to understand (for me, at least), I do preferer on forums with images, texts, and etc, but I'm making my way. Right now I'm on a DLC journey. So, my problem is... how exactly should I install a DLC? I'll try to resume my story: > Downloaded the game (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel) and it came with the DLCs already > Copied it all to the folder with my games (rookie mistake) just to enter the game and miss the DLCs. > Discovered that I should put the DLC's on the "Content/0000000000000000" folder, then done it so. > Played the game, and noticed a red text on upper left corner of the screen, saying: "SOME DLC COULD NOT BE INSTALLED DUE TO A BUILD VERSION MISMATCH" (hate this message already) >> Question: this one is a message from the game, or Aurora? > So, searched about TU. > Downloaded all TU right from Auroral and did activated the newest one > Message still showing > Quit the game, changed to a lower version > Message still there > Did it with every update... didn't get rid of the damn message. So, can someone help me, please?? I don't know what to do anymore, don't think I can play with this annoying red message PS.: thanks for the patience guys...
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