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    Problem with DLC

    YAY I DID IT!! Felida, many thanks!! The 360 Content Manager hint was gold!!! Turns out that one of the DLC's game was actually a Borderlands 2 DLC... dunno why, well, I guess you already said it: ye olde big pirate YAAARRR HARR!! Thanks again for showing me the way, brudda!
  2. MSardi

    Problem with DLC

    Oh boy... I got scared big time with this message... can we get rid with this topic after the case is closed...?? I'll go after the 360 Content Manager, but how should I use it to solve my problem?
  3. MSardi

    Problem with DLC

    Hey everyone...So, I'm kind of a new Aurora user and I'm trying to get used to everything: knowing step-by-step how to install a game, connect to unity, navigate through the system, etc... But I'm having a big problem... All tutorials that I see are on youtube, and I think that's horrible to understand (for me, at least), I do preferer on forums with images, texts, and etc, but I'm making my way. Right now I'm on a DLC journey. So, my problem is... how exactly should I install a DLC? I'll try to resume my story: > Downloaded the game (Borderlands The Pre-Sequel) and it came with the DLCs already > Copied it all to the folder with my games (rookie mistake) just to enter the game and miss the DLCs. > Discovered that I should put the DLC's on the "Content/0000000000000000" folder, then done it so. > Played the game, and noticed a red text on upper left corner of the screen, saying: "SOME DLC COULD NOT BE INSTALLED DUE TO A BUILD VERSION MISMATCH" (hate this message already) >> Question: this one is a message from the game, or Aurora? > So, searched about TU. > Downloaded all TU right from Auroral and did activated the newest one > Message still showing > Quit the game, changed to a lower version > Message still there > Did it with every update... didn't get rid of the damn message. So, can someone help me, please?? I don't know what to do anymore, don't think I can play with this annoying red message PS.: thanks for the patience guys...