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  1. Cool, where can i find the script? and will it list servers not shown on Unity homepage? I.E, currently hosting GOW - but not visible unless someone else joins up. Edit - the discord seems kinda dead, is there another official one for unity?
  2. Heyo! is possible to add a feature to view all active servers on http://xboxunity.net/ even if there is only a single person hosting? currently unity homepage lists the top most active, but would be nice to list all active servers so people can link up! or even better, could server lists be integrated into the dashboard ? I feel like this would give people the incentive to host and play more system link tittles other than Call of duty..... Not hating on COD, it's just that i feel people tend to only play because they feel there is no other options visible to link up with active jtag/rgh gamers, and having a list of all the active servers up, perhaps people will be more willing to switch it up more often - for example just the other day i saw a couple people playing Dead Island, I had not played it before, but i went and got myself a copy just so i can link up with them
  3. SuRbO


    Hmm.. Idk why i didn't think of that hehe, guess i figured adding Nat rules for the port range would automatically handle for outbound on the same ports - i'll look into a way to do this, otherwise just realized I can do dd-wrt on my box totally forgot they had an x86 build. Cheers!
  4. Just wanted to say thank you again, disabling the rss feeds fixed it for me
  5. SuRbO


    Hi, just curious if anyone here has a network setup that's working well with System Link behind a Pfsense box? - I'm not sure if I am missing some additional firewall rules or what.. but as far as I know the ports are open and plugin tests show a "pass". what is odd is, I can host and people can join my server, but I have trouble connecting to their servers.. I tried going back to my Netgear R7000 w/ dd-wrt and sure enough all works fine, but I would really like to get this working with Pfs because performance difference is really noticeable on my network, especially when the whole family is home and online.
  6. Hey Salah- My system shuts off before i can even access the settings.. is there a config file i can edit manually to disable rss feeds? thx!
  7. Hi, my 360 keeps crashing shortly after bringing up the system link "LiNK" pluggin UI. I tried re-installing dash launch and aurora but still no go. here is a copy of the debug.log shortly after launching the game and trying to load system link menu (mini dash UI) debug.log
  8. Are they on TU 2? looking at the screenshot, it looks like you don't have the latest TU installed - I think LiNK is in Red TU version =0 means you don't currently have it ? i just put in Blur to double check TU should be 2.. I'll be playing a bit tonight if you wanna test it out hit me up
  9. Hiya guys i have 5 phat consoles for sale. 3 rghed Falcons and 2 Xenons a jtag and a retail prenxe, need some extra holiday cash so selling cheap 1 Falcon (green halo edition case white faceplate) rgh1 - SOLD 1 Falcon rgh1 systems (rgh1) fast boot times. - SOLD 1 Falcon rgh1 systems (rgh1) fast boot times. - SOLD 1 Xenon Jtag - SOLD 1 Xenon retail pre-nxe/jtagable kernel (needs new dvd laser) but otherwise fully working. - $SOLD Free shipping US. shoot me a pm for payment details. or hit me up on irc "neo1" thanks!
  10. That's weird! I think i had a similar issue on a system a while back.. not 100% sure but i think i replaced the ROL board and that fixed it.. is your system slim/phat? edit: my controller are wireless though btw.
  11. maybe its an issue with the audio format type, is your console updated? you should be able to play the mp3s from the flash drive. otherwise if your console is rghed just use Xexmenu's file manager to transfer it to the hdd.
  12. hmm... can you post some screenshots of your router config. idk if this applies as you may not be using the systems on the network simultaneously but, when i hooked up 2 consoles i found upnp to become a little unreliable and dropped the connection sometimes.. i suspect some type of collision or maybe its just my shitty router, anyway i disabled upnp plugin in fsd, and in router, set static ips on both consoles, and set port forwarding for each console ip. using a different port for both consoles and everything was solid afterwards..
  13. SuRbO

    LiNK greyed out

    Thanks Mattie, I'll try it out. @callumlorax is you version the same title id? and no i don't convert to God. i just extracted the .iso using image browser. and put it into my games directory. edit: strange its still grayed out. callumlorax its probalby best if we just try to find another copy since we'll only be able to play with those that have the same tid.. unless there is a tool that can change the tid and work, hex edit the xex or something. lesson learned no more buying used games from a different region =P Hey @Mattie. whats the tid for the original server room?
  14. Disable LiNK, and try system link interconnecting both your consoles directly and see if you get any connection issues. this way you can rule out an issue on your network and see if its something wrong with the system, if all goes well try again this time locally through the router.
  15. Oops that sucks man, similar thing happened to my buddy, though in his case had no backup so he was sol. good news is you have a backup of your flash so it should be a quick fix i'd like to offer my services though you probably wouldn't approve of my low post count.. Idk that i'm allowed to actually ill have to read through da rules again. =P I would first try to find somebody local offering the service on CL preferably someone that can do it whilst you wait and maybe watch them do it as well.
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