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  1. Thanks, LibXenon. I had two members of Team Xecuter rebuild a nand from my Xell files. On both rebuilt nands, there was a bad sector on both flashes -- "block 0x38c seems bad, status 0x00000250"
  2. I did the same approach regarding the router. UPNP feature isn't available on AT&T Uverse routers. It is not going to be a router problem as the other 360 works consistently on various ports. I will note that this malfunctioning 360 would not scan (and display) games stored on the hdd when I first received it. That problem went away after I did a hdd swap. This occurred even when I had put it in the content/0000000000000000 folder.
  3. System Link works between the two 360 just fine when I disable the plugin. And like I stated the other 360 works just fine on LiNK on this network. Thanks!
  4. I have two rgh's both have the same specs and are set up the same way with fsd 775. The one unit doesn't display players in the game. It will show the other players in the Xbox menu under LiNK (where it will show all of the users in the public rooms). One or two gameĀ®s at most might show up in the game and only briefly, I will receive a message picturing plugging an ethernet cable into a wall socket after awhile. I have tried this with CODBOPS2 and Reach which always have a lot of players in the public room. The problem is the other 360 plays perfectly, and doesn't have this problem. I have tried to intstall a new hdd, reinstall fsd, dashlaunch, had 2 nands built by VIP members at Xecuter, etc. I also had a tech install a new router from Uverse. I went into the router and disabled all of the advanced securties and Inbound protocols controls. But if it was a router problem the other 360 wouldn't be running games so perfectly in LiNK. I also test out this unit with the other 360 unplugged and out of my place. This rgh unit arrived in this manner when I had it modded so maybe something got screwed up in the hardware or software when it was modded. I notice that when I run a test, that the first 3-4 attempts shows everything passing, then the UDP will fail on both ports and stay failed on subsequent test attempts. This is strange because the other 360 stays passing after numerous attempts (maybe why it plays fine). I have tried various automatic and manual ip address along with different DNS's (auto, zeros,, and different ports (3071-3074). Maybe there is a problem with the driver or coding for the network card? Thanks,
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