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  1. hi guys i have a problem with my xbox 360. it doesn't read backed up xbox 360 games but is already rghed. can you give me a tutorial to flash the dvd drive of it so that copied games run fine? Cheers
  2. so guys i bought the elder's scrolls V skyrim legendary edition game discs but the problem is all of the interface there is in chinese. the credits and some interface and the language are in english but all of the rpg related things like reading and stuffs are in chinese. is there any patch or something like that to fix the language issues cuz rpg cant be played without reading seriously. or tell me if im f...ed
  3. ok so fsd 3 has the function to download titleupdates but it only downloaded version 1 of that game and in the official website it clearly said 1.2 is out. any sites to download latest title updates?
  4. so everything worked fine for wwe 13 dlc packs they showed up like they supposed to show up. but i am having problem with sleeping dogs year of the snake pack which i downloaded from this site ** Warez link removed **. the title folder and the location of the dlc is accurate and the sleeping dogs wiki said the dlc is accessible from the main menu but there is no option to play this dlc. so does a downloaded dlc has to meet the same requirements of console id, media id and device id of my xbox? 360 content manager says the dlc is already unlocked but i cant play it so if the dlc does require the same media, console and device id as of my xbox how to do it? much appreciated guys thanks.
  5. so does the game has to be in god version for dlc to work or it will work with games ripped from fsd 3 cuz fsd 3 ripped games dont show up in the content folder in hdd 1.
  6. already tried that using fsd 3 and xexmenu but those softwares wont copy mp3 files to my hdd
  7. hello guys sorry to bother again but i have this weird problem with my xbox 360. i reads all dvds and games but it cant read audio cds, even the original ones. so i tried to place music to my hdd1 via usb pen drive but it seems that it is not possible. i have tried googling out this problem to no avail. so HOW DO YOU COPY MUSIC FILES FROM USB PEN DRIVE TO XBOX? and is there any specific reason why xbox wont read audio cds?
  8. so hello guys i have been wondering that some games ask for installation of additional files to play and where do those files are located in hdd1?thanks
  9. just a quick question guys i downloaded the psx emulator from the xbin link and it works fine and i played silent hill 1 but the graphics is so blurry like dot matrix waaaaay worse than the original ps one. so is this the fault of the emulator or the .bin silent hill file i downloaded from the torrent being of low quality?
  10. Jeff Buckley is GOD...

  11. sorry for bothering but god games arent showing up in fsd or aurora only the xex or xbe ones are listed. any ways to fix the path?
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