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  1. Oh I was need to update my Xbox 360. Thanks for helping!
  2. Thanks but I tried that before. My Xbox crashed when I move my texture pack into 00000002 folder.
  3. how do i edit original texture pack?
  4. sorry I didn't know much about modding.
  5. So I have a Minecraft on my Xbox 360. I tried to update my Minecraft's textures and when I opened my Minecraft and replaced terrain.png nothing happens. So I opened my Title update and replaced my Title update's terrain.png and launches Minecraft. When I launches my Minecraft my Title update crashes and it became old. I tried to mod my Minecraft's default.xex and still doesn't work. Can somebody tell me how to update my Minecraft's textures? Thanks.
  6. Hi I have a problem doing this. When i move all files into my Minecraft folder and launch the default.xex it's saying "Minecraft xbox 360 edition has failed to load and cannot continue". Edit:Didn't saw how old topic was
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