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  1. Hello. ECC writing is now possible with MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0. thank you. Usage environment: Windows10 64bit J-Runner with Extras 3.1.1 MTX Flasher mode enabled Tested console: Trinity 4gb and Corona v1 The Matrix Flasher driver was already installed and didn't need to be installed. I had to install DLPORTIO.dll when using nandpro. One point I was interested in. After writing the ECC, the Load Source remains glitch.ecc and I need to manually change it to nanddump1.bin.
  2. Hello. Using MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0, J-Runner with Extras 3.1.0b (Windows10 64bit pc) could not write ECC of Jasper 16mb. There is a block that says Timed out when writing, and the xbox 360 won't turn on. ECC could be written on J-Runner v0.3 Beta (8) (Windows7 64bit pc). Strangely, another Jasper 16mb was able to write ECC with J-Runner with Extras 3.1.0b (Windows10 64bit pc). Even if the console version is the same, it may or may not be writable. The following can be written with J-Runner with Extras 3.1.0b (Windows10 64bit pc) so far. Falcon, Trinity, Trinity 4gb, Corona v1 If you can, please take measures.
  3. After all, ECC cannot be written using MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0. When I try to write ECC to another Corona V3, it closes immediately after the nand pro window opens as before. When I uncheck Matrix Flasher Mode and try to write ECC, it becomes IoTimed Out as shown below and writing fails. I can read nand and flash Timing File to Matrix v1 and Ace v3. I Used Windows 10 64bit PC I was able to write ECC using another J-Runner with the nand wiring as it is. I Used Windows 7 64bit PC Log ECC created Version: 01 Flash Config: 0x00043000 Writing Nand image_00000000.ecc Failed to write 0x0 block Failed to write 0x1 block Failed to write 0x2 block Failed to write 0x3 block Failed to write 0x4 block IoTimedOut Failed to write 0x5 block Failed to write 0x6 block ------ Failed to write 0x4E block Failed to write 0x4F block Done! in 0:28 min:sec Since the phenomenon of failing due to IoTimed Out occurred in another J-Runner before I think there is a problem with my Windows 10 64bit PC Currently I can write ECC using another J-Runner Windows 7 64bit PC There seems to be something wrong with J-Runner with Extras. I installed the driver below Nand&CoolRunner_Flasher_USB_v1.1/XSVF/LIBUSB_DRIVER Device Manager libusb-win32 devices/MemoryAccess
  4. I installed the driver below Nand&CoolRunner_Flasher_USB_v1.1/XSVF/LIBUSB_DRIVER When I think about it now, I was able to write it last time, so maybe the power cable connection was bad. I would like to confirm it the next time I use it. P.S. When I newly wrote ECC to Falcon, it was able to write normally, so I think that the cause was a poor connection of the power cable. J-Runner seems to have no problem.
  5. Hello. I can't write ECC using MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0. When I do Write ECC, the nand pro window opens and then closes immediately. Checking Matrix Flasher Mode. I was able to write ECC using another JRunner I think it is due to J-Runner with Extras 2.9.7 (unofficial). Since updflash.bin was copied to usb stick and written with Xell The remodeling is successful. I like J-Runner with Extras Please respond so that it can be used. My environment xbox360:Corona v3 OS:Windows10 64bit and Windows7 64bit
  6. Hello. I succeeded in replacing the HDD using the method on this page, but there is a problem. The Aurora logo will be displayed after the Black Screen has been in the state for about 20 seconds when Aurora starts up. If register Aurora in the usual way, Aurora will start immediately. Do you know the solution? My way Copy from the Old HDD Data   ├──Databases   ├──GameData   ├──Logs   ├──Thumbnails   └──titlecache.list Databases   ├──content.db(MountedDevices)   └──settings.db(ScanPaths) Device ID of Hdd1, Usb0, HddX, SysExt, Aurora I replaced it with the value of New HDD and copied Data folder to New Hdd. The Dash version and apps are all the latest versions. The number registered in Aurora is about 1100.
  7. Hello. I put the 1TB HDD in an external HDD case and registered the Aurora path. I would like to replace the external HDD case with another model because the external HDD case is not recognized frequently. Is there a way to use the pass registered in Aurora as it is and use the cover image etc. in the current state?
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