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  1. Hello. I succeeded in replacing the HDD using the method on this page, but there is a problem. The Aurora logo will be displayed after the Black Screen has been in the state for about 20 seconds when Aurora starts up. If register Aurora in the usual way, Aurora will start immediately. Do you know the solution? My way Copy from the Old HDD Data   ├──Databases   ├──GameData   ├──Logs   ├──Thumbnails   └──titlecache.list Databases   ├──content.db(MountedDevices)   └──settings.db(ScanPaths) Device ID of Hdd1, Usb0, HddX, SysExt, Aurora I replaced it with the value of New HDD and copied Data folder to New Hdd. The Dash version and apps are all the latest versions. The number registered in Aurora is about 1100.
  2. Hello. I put the 1TB HDD in an external HDD case and registered the Aurora path. I would like to replace the external HDD case with another model because the external HDD case is not recognized frequently. Is there a way to use the pass registered in Aurora as it is and use the cover image etc. in the current state?
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