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  1. I can log into the unity website , but Aurora and FSD3 both cannot. They're both also unable to download art and info for the games.
  2. I'll reintstall the game and see if that does it. I've been to Unity as well, and regardless of what it shows, there have been updates released for this game.
  3. I'm getting a fatal crash while trying to load far cry 4. I've got a lot of time in the game and I'm hoping an update will fix it, but I'm using F3 and It's finding no updates. Unity doesnt have any either. Can anyone help?
  4. OK, I installed 775 and all is well except I can't use any skins. I am particularly fond of Dream Theme and Dash RT, but it causes FSD to reboot to a black screen. I have to delete the skin file with xexmenu to get back to the default skin. That is the subject for another topic I suppose.
  5. I tried to update to 402 but it crashed every time it tried to launch, so I downgraded to 375. Now, Instead of having "Freestyle Home" when I press the guide button, all I get is "Xbox Home". I have used the FSD installer to re-install as well as a straight copy of the files from a usb drive with xexmenu, but no joy. This really sucks because now in order to get back to FSD I have to either re-boot the box, or launch it from xexmenu through the retail dash I think this might even screw up link, but I haven't tried that yet. Also, the FSD installer that I have only installs 375 When I choose to download the latest version, not 402
  6. Yeah. I've done that three times... now 4. Still the same message. Why are you using this service again?
  7. Still getting the "Invalid Key or error occured" message for the weather settings.
  8. Is it strange that the calibration value keeps getting reset to 11? Every time I change it, it gets set back to 11. I know the changes I make are getting committed If I change the delay value, it sticks. It works mind you, It just won't stay at zero.
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