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Found 5 results

  1. Hello and welcome to a new release of F3. It came to our attention some of F3 wasn't working quite right so we figured why not fix them up, and throw a few new features at you. -= Plugin =- We added the ability to "Pause" a game (freeze all active threads) From webUI (this is experimental). We also added profile information and acheivements to webUI. HUD got a nice new Info Bar on the bottom with game information. -= F3 =- So the TU System. You can now download TUs for multiple games simultaneously and you can pick and choose which TUs to download from each game. Each download gets its own progress bar so its easy to track. Weather. Updated to use the new API and new APi Keys. Also updated so it only gets the information 1 / hour / reboot. So it won't spam your API key. -= Update Info =- Doing a phased implementation to control server traffic. Hope you enjoy. TeamFSD.Freestyle3.0.775.7z Now that this is complete it is time we announce the disbanding of TeamFSD. We as a team have lost a lot of members and come to the point where its time to move on and grow. We will still be involved in the scene and around for discussions and such, but TeamFSD will be no more.
  2. HYXHost

    WebUI problem

    I have been trying to send the game covers to FSD with the WebUI and when I click on the game no matter what it says Aurora and I can't do anything to fix it... Any suggestions? This is really getting old
  3. Thank you very much for the excellent work done in Aurora Dash. It is fantastic. Would you like to guide me regarding the use of the WebUI at daybreak. I configured my username and password normally. By accessing my IP using port 9999 with my username and password previously configured, the browser displays some information on my console, but error free access to archivements and the list of games. What am I doing wrong? I want to use to access the WebUI to customize the game data, mainly covers of some games that do not appear yet. Thank you for listening. Keep up the excellent work.
  4. shizla

    i have an idea

    Hey guys, i have an idea for LiNK e.g. i crate a room, played.. and exit room. Everything is normal. But turn i crated room. Leader is other one. I mean, I need to transfer the leadership returned to his own room. Thanks
  5. can't enter web ui 192.168.xxx.xxx.:9999 it keeps asking me for user and pass, even y disable HTTP autheticaion and set my own user and password, tried fsdhttp (prevoiously worked like that, bue i forgot that user/pass and tried my own, now nothing works) i can enter 192.186.xxx.xxx:80 which is the regular http server for things like, setting the games covers y tried: - fsdhttp (user/pass) - restarting fsd - restarting the console - cleaning browser chache (chrome) - iexplorer - opened 9999 port nothing.. user/pass box keeps popping
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