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  1. HYXHost

    WebUI problem

    I have been trying to send the game covers to FSD with the WebUI and when I click on the game no matter what it says Aurora and I can't do anything to fix it... Any suggestions? This is really getting old
  2. When I first got my RGH I could see my system info and have a file manager on the press of the center button I have no idea what I done but I can't get this back and I need help trying to get everything setup to have this running again because that little file manager is a life saver and being able to see my GPU and CPU temperature in a button press was nice too! If you can please help me because I am at a loss of what I need to do?
  3. HYXHost


    How much are you looking to pay?
  4. Jasper RGH with FSD, Aurora, XEX, Dashlaunch and tons of mods...
  5. Still won't work for me I click search and nothing happens been trying forever to get this working...
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