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  1. shizla

    i have an idea

    Hey guys, i have an idea for LiNK e.g. i crate a room, played.. and exit room. Everything is normal. But turn i crated room. Leader is other one. I mean, I need to transfer the leadership returned to his own room. Thanks
  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_360_System_Link_games
  3. Use Revo Unistaller and FULLY deleted FileZilla and set-up for Run on Administrator.
  4. Certainly right bro. i copy a game and walked other room. Oops kinect cancelled copy process. Silly Motion Control.
  5. go to link.jqe360.com Account > My Settings > Reset APIKey
  6. Try this : http://www.realmodsc...game-on-codbo2/ and give static ip on your xbox (Orginal Dashboard/Settings/System/Network)
  7. try another port example = "1002" - "1003"
  8. Hi guys, Go to XeXMenu Open DL30(DashLaunch 3.04) Open default.xex OK Go to Network and enabled PINGPATCH and DEVLINK Click RB. Over the HDD and click X (save launch.ini) Go again XeXMenu and open FreeStyle/default.xex Settings / General Settings / JQE360.com / Login ( ) Settings / Plugin Settings / F3 Plugin - TEST(your ports and username) Go to Games / onto COD:BO2 press Y (Options) - Manage Title Updates - Select TU 3 Press Play Game Press Guide button / System Link / Enter random Room SYSTEM LINK / JOIN GAME / Refresh and Join Success, have fun.
  9. COD:BO2 Zombies aviable but players Crate STANDART game
  10. dude download and install dashlaunch 3.04 ping patch and devlink enabled and save. i tried now and i played finally
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