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Found 4 results

  1. Just want to know do you fix the little visual mistake with the next version ? =) Im talking about: HomeTabSignedIn.xur HomeTabSignedOut.xur ico_32x_main_f3home.png They are showing Freestyledash and not Aurora entrys.
  2. Yo, I have a small annoying issue with the FileBrowser of the Xbox Guide HUD. I upgraded my HDD from 250GB to 1TB and I copy-paste the data over the new HDD via FTP. Since then, everytime if I want to use the FileBrowser from the Xbox Guide HUD, it freeze, I can't select any drive or else BUT the console still reacts so there is an issue with the plugin or something else I don't know. Maybe I did something wrong while transfering the data over the new HDD? OR are there some incompatibillity with new HDD? Of course, the FileBrowser from Aurora works but if I install DVDs, I have to convert them to GOD... if I goto Aurora, then it will index the NXE games... as NXE... after converting NXE2GOD, Aurora will index them again as GOD and because "both" games are reffering to a valid folder, file, ... Aurora wont delete one entry of the index so I have to scan then whole Folder again and download the whole Assets again... annoying... Hope someone can help me and yeah, have a nice day AntiVirGear
  3. Unlike fsd, aurora has filters instead of tabs. -How do I apply a specific filter to a game? (ex. determinates that need for speed is a "Race Game", etc). -how do I create custom filters? (custom filter names) -Suggestion: turn on/off automatic detection of filters (xbla, games, homebrew, custom filters) The usbloaders from wii are exemplar when talking about filters. The UsbLoaderGX, for example, should be used as default concept.
  4. Firstly, thank you goes to all devs and people behind F3 and link. Guys, I know you must have put a lot of effort and time into this and I must say it has come out amazing. Before I start with this guide I must confess that it is not entirely my work, i have taken bits and pieces from other users and of course the credits goes to them as well. I will mention them by names as we move down the guide. Well, since we are done with formalities now lets get down to business. PLEASE NOTE, REMEMBER WRITE IT DOWN OR WHATEVER WILL MAKE YOU REMEMBER THIS --- AS PER JPizzle YOUR NAT WILL ALWAYS BE STRICT FOR BLACK OP’S 2 NOT MATTER WHAT TRICK, TECHNIC, OR MAGIC YOU PERFORM. There are 7 sections to this guide: 1 - Installing F3 2 - Dashlaunch Setup 3 - Bridge Networks if Your Xbox is Connected With a Laptop 4 - Setting Up LiNK 5 - Trying to Join a Room And Your Xbox Shuts Down ----This has been fixed in the new F3 update -version 3.0.483 6 - TU's For The Games 7 - 20+ People in a Room Yet You Cant See Any Hosted Games in LiNK or There is Too Much Lag Installing F3 The easiest way to do install F3: turn on your xbox, start your freestyle dash and navigate to the settings. In the settings, navigate to general settings, look for “BETA UPDATESâ€, and enable it. This way you should receive the new F3 with LiNK; if by any chance you don’t see the update, then I would suggest you restart your xbox or check your internet connection. Once update is done, the screen will ask you to restart Freestyle/F3 dash and if you press ok on the screen, it will CRASH. Therefore, instead of pressing ok, you must restart your xbox. Dashlaunch setup -- The new F3 update has the devlink, pingpatch, and conpatch integrated in F3 systemLiNK. to access it, put a game on e.g. black ops 2, press the center button and navigate to networks and you should see dashlaunch settings there. -- But for a permanent solution, you still need to set those settings on or off in dashlaunch but if you want to do it the old style, then follow the guide below. Download the newest dashlaunch put it on usb, plug the usb in your xbox and open it with file manager in F3 dash. Install it where ever its convenient for you either usb hard drive or HDD1; I prefer my F3 and dashlaunch installed in HDD1. Next, open dashlaunch, go to networks enable ping patch and "DISABLE dEVLINK" , save your setting by clicking the RB trigger once and press X on whichever drive you have saved your dashlaunch (usually where ever your dashlaunch is saved there is a green mark on it). Done, now press B to exit. Bridge Networks if your Xbox is Connected with a Laptop ----Soulwarrior--- thank you for the information. For windows vista and 7 users (if you are using xp, then there is a high probability you already know this), click start button and then type network and sharing in the search box below. Once in network and sharing window, look at the left hand side and you should see couple of options out of which the third option should be “Change Adapter Settingsâ€. Click on it and select your both wireless and local area connection and right click, then click bridge connections. That is it now follow the below instructions. Setting up LiNK 1- Go to your computer, press the start key and type “cmd†in the search box below, and press enter. 2- Once you see the black window (Dos window), type in “ipconfig/all†(without quotes) and you will see bunch of lines that might not make sense to you. 3- Scroll back up until you will see windows ip configuration and below it wireless lan adapter wireless network connection. Note down the 7th line which is your ipv4 address – 192.168.x.xx, 8th line which is your subnet mask address – 255.255.xx.xx.x, 11TH line which is your Default Gateway – 192.168.x.x. Once done open a firefox or Internet explorer window, write the default gateway in the URL. You will see your router’s sign in page. Usually the username and password is ADMIN for both and in some cases username is ADMIN and password leave it blank and press enter. But if you a problem logging in go to this site and look up your router brand and click on it should tell you your default username and password http://portforward.com/default_username_password/ once in the router’s setup page, navigate to networks and look for something called either UPnP or NAT (NAT=UPnP --- UPnP=NAT --- they both are same) and tick it if its not already ticked and if it is, then LEAVE IT ALONE. Next, navigate to application, under it click port forwarding and give it a rule name e.g. xbox, give it a ip address e.g. in my case its there are 14 devices that are connected to my router; so that means ip address from to are already assigned. I took 76 because that way I know my xbox’s ip address will never conflict with other devices. Go to port range and type 1 in first box and 62222 in the next and select udp and tcp both. - Just be more sure that all your ports are forwarded correctly, you can insert your xbox’s ip address in the DMZ box and enable it. That way you are 100% sure that all your ports are forwarded. port forwarding guide go to this link http://portforward.c...routerindex.htm Once done go to your xbox turn it on, press the center button on your controller if you logged into F3 dash, navigate to system setting and press A. It will take you NXE dash; from there select your network settings, select your connection, select configure network, select ip settings. From there you will see three options. 1- Ip address – write (for the sake of this guide I will use my own ip address – please do not copy paste this ip as your default gate way may differ from mine – it will only work if your default ip address and mine are same). Once done, press start button and it will take you back to the three-option page. 2- Subnet mask – insert the subnet mask you copied from black window (Dos window) as it is; do not make any changes to it or it wont work. Press start key to go back to three-option page. 3- Gateway – insert your default gateway as it is or it wont work. Press start button and you are done with port forwarding. And now when you go to you F3 dash, press your right analog (stick) button you should see the ip address below your screen/tv/moniter. That means you have an static or your xboxs’ own ip address. JQE360 Account Go to your computer and go to this link http://link.jqe360.com/ , create an account and get back to your F3 dash on your xbox. Navigate to setting, and then go to JQE360 tab and insert your username and password. Once done click on “Link Console to JQE30†and your console will be linked to the site. Next go to settings, select plugin settings, and then select F3Plugin: 1- Enable LiNK – always on – ticked 2- Enable UPNP for port mapping – ticked 3- Data port is 3071 4- Broadcast port is 3072 Finally click TEST and hopefully you should be pass all. Trying to Join a Room and Your Xbox Shuts Down ----ko12upted--- thank you for the information. If you see a whited out (blank) lobby, press X to refresh or B to go one step back it wont crash. But, if you press A, it will shut down your xbox. Second this is my work around to get into a room with people Logged into it You have to find a lobby with 0 people then join after that you have to offset your rooms in example. Lobby 1 1/32 skip Lobby 2 0/32 (Join This one) Lobby 3 2/32 skip Lobby 4 32/32 (Then you can Join This one) skip join skip join etc TU’s for the Games in order to play games with LiNK, you “MUST†delete all TU’s for the game you want to play on LiNK and re-download them. By doing so you should be able to see hosts. 20+ People in a Room and Yet You Cant See Any Hosted Games in LiNK or There is Way Too Much Lag (This is just my understanding, I am not certain if this is the case; if anybody has a better explanation please feel free to correct me) That is because you might be in Europe and the game is being hosted in Brazil; sometimes it might show in your system link but it will lag and other times it will not show at all even though there are 20+ people. Good Luck guys.
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