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  1. I still don't understand how to make dashlaunch work in aurora 07.b1. the button is faded out. How do I configure this to work?
  2. Sorry to revive, but see: A lot of tvs dont resize the picture correctly. My tv has only two options: 16:9 & 4:3. 720p and 1080p are 16:9 aspects, but my tv only recognizes 1080p as 16:9. If my xbox are configured in 1080p, the image is allocated perfectly on the screen, but if in 720p, a large cut of the screen occurs. Its some tv models problem, not reversible. Some games are better if in 720p as we all know (resolves screen tearing a little on Resident Evil 5, for example, or some games run in 720/60p instead of 1080/30p. There is way to implant aurora to set PER GAME resolution and manual screen size? overscan it the way I like? Maybe dashlaunch can do it for a pergame titleid... Im also considering buying the framemeister for it, but, expensive as hell, I should buy another tv....
  3. I've been trying to add my XBOX360 as a network place using windows 8.1, but fails. Aurora could do such a thing? I mean, i use filezilla just fine to transfer files, but with windows explorer life is more enjoyable...ConnectX is a ftp or smb server?
  4. Its possible to use these Game sorter script as Subtite script (put it in subtitles user scripts)? What line/words i need to change? GameListSorters["Release Date"] = function(Item1, Item2, Type) -- Check if sort Descending if Type == SortType.Descending then return string.lower(Item1.ReleaseDate) > string.lower(Item2.ReleaseDate) end -- Sort Ascending return string.lower(Item1.ReleaseDate) < string.lower(Item2.ReleaseDate) end Thanks in advance.
  5. I know the topic is old, but there is anyone who had tested, or have knowledge of someone that have, which games (LIST OF ALL) beoynd the official compatibility list microsoft provides works? Also, wich ones are improved with the hack emulator files? Other thing, there is difference between play original xbox from external hd or internal on RGH? I'm playing from usb (the compatible ones) just fine (i think, cause i dont know if the frmrate issues on some games happens on original xbox too, cause i never played any game on it, i never even saw one original xbox in my life). Since now, thanks
  6. How can I change the database? I want that too. Its hard to mess with this SQL editor? I will look for this information, thanks!
  7. It worked, but i dont know why its not support all games...Some games stay out of order. I dont know how to fix. If there is a way to see the release dates of individual games (could be aside of the game's name) , and mannualy change them, then would be better. Can we see the release date somewhere on aurora? Or set to see?
  8. Suggestion 1: What exactly are you asking here? You have those filters, the way they work is mentioned in the forum for it...: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/forum/57-skin-development-and-lua-scripting/ More specifically this thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/3570-the-aurora-scripting-how-to-guide/ Year of Game is the most requested, I dont know how to add, if anyone could help-me, I would be appreciated. But i dont know how to mess with the scripts, believe, I've tried, and endered up malfunctioning all the stuff. Suggestion 2: Not likely to happen, the filters are there for a reason, maybe there'll be "groups" coming where you can put certain games into a group and have them shown like that, but it's quite far away if it ever comes... Interesting Suggestion 3: Pressing the trigger button jumps a specified number of covers (3 is default if memory serves me right, this is set by the coverflow layout, you can also use the quick filter (X -> Y if memory serves me right) this will give you the ability to quickly filter games that have the specified text The fewer the buttons pressed, the better. The more the options better (Perhaps not if makes the whole stuff slow down...). But we wont gonna die for one button more to push anyways. Suggestion 4: This will likely be something you'll be able to change later down the road by editing the database (it'll probably be part of how the whole WebUI thing works, meaning remove the kinect flag and it'll be the green cover) Interesting...If it just like that, How do i edit the database to remove the flag? Suggestion 5: There is, if you go to the "Preview" part of the "Details" menu, you'll be able to go left for more options, one of which is to update the game... Other then that, there's also the Asset Editor which lets you edit your covers using your computer (giving you the ability to also browse Xboxunity for covers) In aurora there's no way to download cover for separate discs of the same game. On asset editor I can? To download/refresh single game i got it right , sorry for my lack of attention on that! Thank you for the response and assist. I really have gratitude. Keep up the good work Mr.
  9. Thank you, but i'm very noob in messing with all of this. Its much ask for you do a video of how to do this?
  10. [uPDATED 1 MORE SUGGESTION] I'm impressed with aurora, and its getting closer to the experience I have using usb loaders in Wii (there, they're perfect, usbloaderGX for example, my personal favorite) Well, regards that, my requests/suggestions (i didnt see one equal in the threads) : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #1] In the \Filter&Sort\Sort> "Select Sort Order" there a few options (title name, dev, genre, publisher, recently activity, recently add). I dont know exactly where aurora seeks these info, but It would be good if have more than one source, or have more info on the source thats aurora seeks, like: ---Year (launch data) ---Metacritic rate ---Exclusive in xbox ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #2] There is an option on 3ds system menu to put the games on folders with the name you want. True that's harder to separate games with filters mannualy, but could be more efficient: If we could create virtual folders with the name we want, the option YEAR that I request, for example would not be necessary, i would create ten virtual folders (2005; 2006;....2015) And put each game in the respective places mannualy. The folders would appears like wii channels, to easy access. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #3] Another Idea is for the ones (like me) have so much games. Its boring pass trough all of them to reach the one you want to play. The d-pad could be used in a separate way to the analog stick. D-pad would pass "pages" instead of games one by one, like, if I am in the "a" games, if i press right on the d-pad, the list go to letter "b" games, or this could be implemented personally, like a way to configure what you want the d-pad do. Integrated with the Filters, the d-pad would be a strong way to pass trough: letter "a" games to "b"; Pass xbla to kinect; Pass 2006 to 2007 games(if implemented), etc. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #4] An option to change the color of the dvd case (per game) must exists. The automatic setting does'nt have precision (my ghost recon future soldier appeared like a Purple color, but its not a kinect only game) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #5] Under TU download, the d-pad could reach a option to download the cover for that disc only, and show preview of the ones on unity for you to choose). There's no option for download separate covers for separate discs of the same game (example, red dead redemption, wich have GOTY edition, which have undead nightmare, wich would be good have the proper cover for it. Same applies to Dragon age origins awekening, for example) ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ [sUGGESTION #6] SaveGame Manager/backup. Many friends/relatives uses my xbox360, and I have many profiles in my console (20~), such as many sav files. The NXE does not provide a way to backup all saves at once, only the profiles. I have to backup them one by one, and this sucks. AFAIK there isn't a software that backups all saves at once for you (the close i get was content manager, but it does not show me the name of the save's owner). Aurora could do such a thing? One button added to the aurora's "system" could do "backup(copy or move) all saves (of the profile current loaded) to a device of your choice".
  11. Unlike fsd, aurora has filters instead of tabs. -How do I apply a specific filter to a game? (ex. determinates that need for speed is a "Race Game", etc). -how do I create custom filters? (custom filter names) -Suggestion: turn on/off automatic detection of filters (xbla, games, homebrew, custom filters) The usbloaders from wii are exemplar when talking about filters. The UsbLoaderGX, for example, should be used as default concept.
  12. Dash is going good. How do I apply a filter to a game. Its only automatic?
  13. I have issues with some games, principally wih the ones NOT in the M$ compatibility list. Castlevania run so much slow, and with glitches. Some other games so slow. Therer are any difference between run the game from internalexternal hdd, or even burn the game on disc?
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