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  1. 1) Delete the plugin from f3 folder, reboot and again download the plugin update. 2) once done installing, do a cold boot(turn off power supply, pull the power cable from xbox and leave it for 5 minutes and reconnect) 3) after rebooting, go to setttings and unload/ load F3 plugin. Re enable link and re authorize ur console with jqe360. Test the port settings again. 4) open game, then u should see system link not greyed out and RSS feed showing up( it will only show up duting a link compatible game) 5) enjoy
  2. Yes, i am aware of that. Do i need dashlaunch 3.07 for this to work?
  3. i can see the file browser in the hud but not the RSS feed. Also, system link is greyed out in the HUD. I've tried to unload/load the plugin and completely turned off the power supply and pulled out the plug and put it back in. Doesn't seem to work.
  4. hello guys, have been getting a error after i open system link and enter a public room. when i select system link from game menu(blackops 2) and select a game, it gives me this error ---error occured while accessing persistent rank data(0)
  5. if it was possible, it would have been done by now...
  6. are you certain you are using the same game id/media id for both the TU and the game?
  7. http://game.pioneernet.ru/dl/q3/files/pk3/ For ppl who do not have files.. download all pak0 till pak8 files and paste in baseq3 folder.
  8. same here.. may be it was some server side/ping related error... thanks ppl...!!
  9. you gotta convert them into god format.. thats the easiest procedure .
  10. Did that, but xbox location is still offline in jqe360. Do you think changing ports might help ?
  11. yes.. i think its a server side problem.. was working perfect in rev 402... will wait for another version, having other problems also such as crashes and freezes while returning to freestyle dashboard.
  12. i tried, doing a fresh install, relflashed the console, reinstall avtar data, reset my router settings... i just join the main lobby but it doesnt show me in the gameroom. In JQE360.com also, it shows my xbox location as offline.
  13. Did that, the problem just doesnt seem to go away
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