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  1. i'm not sure it was anything to do with the TU because the game worked fine with the latest TU. I have FIFA 15 which also kept getting the error, but that game is an original disc the same as MINECRAFT 360 EDITION. What i had done was put a load of skin packs and texture packs on the 360 then thats when all hell broke lose lol. So the obvious thing to do was remove exactly what i put on as it made sense that it was this causing the error. Silly me lol was i wrong because it carried on after i took all the dlc off. Not only did it carry on it did it for most of my games. That was what got me confused lol. I edited the launch.ini but i put it back again because it worked after i updated.
  2. turns out i was 3 updates behind lol seems fine for now
  3. thanks for quick response. it probably could be that it needs updating. i just thought it should have worked when i removed the dlc lol. i have tu20 installed for minecraft. this has happened a lot just recently. an update is what i will do then and keep you updated on my progress. thanks Felida
  4. Hi everyone it has been a while since i been on here lol. here goes i have rgh 360 i have been playing ok until recently. i have minecraft 360 edition it worked fine until i got all the dlc. when ever i load the game it loads up and before i can press A to continue bang fatal crash and reboots freestyle. so i thought i would do the usual and delete the cache and also removed the dlc but now it does exactly the same thing. what else could i do to get rid of this fatal crash intercepted. i remember before when i had jtag to edit the launch.ini but i cant remember what to edit lol.
  5. hi everyone just wanted to know can i use link if i connect my xbox360 to my pc to share the internet connection. is there any settings i need to change in link. i have link all installed but now i am using a wifi hotspot that my pc connects. if i plug it in my ethernet slot like i would if it was a router would it be fine as its connected to the net or do i need to change a few things first. thanks in advance. not being lazy just thought asking a whole bunch of people would save me a lot of time setting it up to find it wont work.
  6. not really the way the cookie crumbles as this has happened a lot to me too and i know there is nothing wrong with my connection its only recently that the system link loading screen as started to take a while to load the rooms then when the rooms load i go to join but because of how long it takes i end up in no room
  7. i have been having similar problem not only do i get kicked from the game i get booted back to main lobby of link
  8. lizardbell's xbox really does do all that its awesome
  9. once you add them as a friend then search user list to find where they are on http://link.jqe360.com/ then u can see what there playing and what room they are in there aint no fancy shit that pops up everytime they are online you have to look for them
  10. i never quit game to load another i just go down to file browser then go to where my games are in stalled then load up default xex file it then asks me if i'm sure i press yes and voila loads up next game for me i love it cos i switch between games alot
  11. you could always watercool it if your that worried but my temps average a lot higher than that and mine is fine
  12. they r using link you need to look around more mate you will get what you want in the end
  13. and i am truly grateful of this service its amazing and you guys have worked so hard to bring us total gameplay without M$ getting a penny lol
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Xbox_360_System_Link_games this list includes xbla titles if anyone needs it. i never thought xbla did work on link so i just googled searched it and this came up it does include Section 8: Prejudice and harms way hope this helps
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