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  1. is there any other way of updating my xbox dashboard...?? i hav kind of old version...but it is an xbox slim... any other way than the nand dump and xebuild and all that.... can we update it with dashlaunch or sumthing....which is easy... cus i am hav no experience in dealing with the jtag...and i dont want to mess it up....
  2. i have a trinity mother boarded but i want to know the build type... is there any way i can find out the build type....??
  3. i am very new to this jailbreak and jtag and nand nd stuff... but i followed this tutorial and i reached to the part were i did the nand dump... but i think i did something wrong so there isnt any problem if i restart from this point right...??
  4. u mean that avatar/kinect kernel update thing...??
  5. i set up everything and port forwarded and all... but it keeps saying upnp enabled router found is there any way make the xbox recognise that or some thing
  6. when i try to play black ops 2 local split screen with the the bots and all it keeps saying "fatal crash interrupted" why is that ? is there any way to fix that...???
  7. damn it...!!! i spent a week setting up link but it still keeps saying upnp not found ports are all fail even tough i enabled the upnp and port forwarded it to 3071 and 3072 of my xbox ip what am i doing wrong....!!!!???
  8. oooohhhh....!!! i frgt abt that...!!!
  9. nd by the way other than juss connecting the xbox to the wifi should we do nything else like the same wifi as the computer... for the the upnp....???? or on sharing for the router....ny thing else...??
  10. k i got evry thing setup do0es anyone know how get the port and stuff to pass...???
  11. i tried a lot of stuff to setup link at one point my freestyle crashed and never recovered i had to remove fsd from da hard drive through my computer i followed a lot of tutorials...mostly the one given in the fsd forum here... btw do we need the avatar/kinet kernal update...??? is there any thing i have look out for before i install it...?? (currently running on FSD 3 rev735)
  12. reely...?? so there is no chance at all to play multiplayer..??? but we cant install fsd without a jtag.. but in the new fsd 3 rev735 vid they play maulitplayer...?? 0_o
  13. is there a tutorial on how to install this??
  14. ive been waiting for this for a long time... does any one know how to play live with like block ops 2 nd stuff i like modding a lot so i jtaged my xbox but now i cant play multiplayer but i saw a lot of people playing live but i dont know how to... please help...!!!
  15. no no frm were can i download classic games..??
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