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  1. lycho123


    Is there any way to play Titanfall on RGH offline?
  2. Hey guys , can I play split screen with in link cuz i dont get it done the only way is with local split screen and bots ... Sooo is there any way to play it with real people on link . Sorry if already someone asked this question really dont have time to search
  3. Ok but I have to find it in internet
  4. Soo I download AC4 DLCs and put it in 0000002 (I HAVE TU1) start the game and shows Death Vessel Pack LOADING FAILED-DOWNLOAD CONTENT MISSING or something like this ..soo if anyone have solution please tell me
  5. Soo there is some problem with Link
  6. why so many connection preoblem . first of all the system link menu loading very slosly i dont know why second almost every game showing awaiting connetion and lot connection to the host Is this my problem or the host problem with the network ??? i have great network and im with TU1
  7. ok thank just to be sure that when i delete after a couple hours of playing not showing me something like Insert Disk 2
  8. SO guys I know that disk 1 is single and disk 2 is multi but do I need and the second disk if I only play single so to delete the second disk cuz no system link no point of it
  9. Alredy post that question the admin answered that doesn't have time and will d it when he have time
  10. lycho123


    3502 Covers and counting. showing this for a week or two No new covers for now
  11. lycho123


    FIFA 14 NBA 2K14 Just Dance 2014 my last games dont have full covers
  12. lycho123


    no i check the site daily is there any new covers but no or is my poblem the last are from some XBOX Classic Games
  13. lycho123


    Why is there so long no new covers on jqe site its good that still have title updates daily but no new covers since a month maybe ? Is there any reason if somebody knows or there is other why to find to make or I dont know Please to say it
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