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  1. No it's something to do with the xbox since I got this out of the debug logs "22:05:37.335|FTPSERVERCONN|F900005C|PASSIVE MODE IS BROKEN AT ROOT- THIS DEBUG MESSAGE IS A HACK FIX- PLEASE FIX ME. KTHX"
  2. Ok so I opened Filezilla on my pc to transfer some files, but after awhile some of them get stuck and are not sended correctly and now it says waiting for welcome message, I had no issue yesterday, is there a setting or so that I might have changed or something, I don't have a firewall running btw Thanks in advanced.
  3. Mate it's not your router it's the FSD's UPNP "detection system", I guess we just have to wait for a better one, because Skype and Utorrent are working perfectly fine and they use UPNP.
  4. Just wanted to say that people should have in mind that this is in fact a beta which means you can't btich about things not working for you(generaly speaking). Thats what it's for. Just saying... ---- For devs, I have tried several Netgear Routers with UPNP enabled, it still says "UPNP Enabled Router Not Found" and I tried to create a DMZ for the Xbox still not workinng, ports are not connecting, so UPNP needs to be improved, not complaining or anythign just thought to give some feedback.
  5. It sure would be nice to receive more details on this and RXE, maybe they are LINKed together?
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