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  1. I was asking the question to someone with more knowledge of a Jtag'd console, If you still dont understand then yes the xbox360 has two fans that can be controlled separately via DashLaunch but not FSD for some reason. Obviously not a retail dashboard but yes a retail xbox360 fan which has two separate + & - wires one going to each to allow separate control.
  2. Could the devs possibly add the function for both CPU Fan & GPU Fan not control both with one slider. This would relly help me fix my temps because im sure the GPU speed never changes unless you change it in Dash Launch.
  3. Thanks guys ill look into it right now...
  4. Well, if you weren't able to grasp what i meant by the thread title ill explain a little more. I am asking whether the will be or already is a way to make our own skins for Freestyle Dash 3, like make them on the PC like i would a normal xbox 360 theme? I ask this because i have some great graphical skills that i want to put to the test and share with the community. ------------------------------Jake---------------------------
  5. Im not sure if this is a NEW bug but i have noticed its everytime i turn my xbox on the fans are not what i set them in the targets, so i got to System Settings in FSD and the fan speed is on Auto just like i left it so then i flick it up a notch and back down to auto and viola its back to how it should be, i think this needs fixing because i was on Assassins Creed 3 just a minute ago and i forgot about it, theni checked my temps by holding guide button and AHHHHHHHHH CPU 80.c #Backout!! lol
  6. Could the admins maybe have a think about creating a category or sub-category up so that we can post when we want to join/create a game over the new and amazing LiNK?
  7. The xbox shuts its self off on ''Fatal Crash'' if im not mistaken and you can remove this in ''Dashlaunch'' but i recommend that you don't as it can help debug as to when the problem is occurring.
  8. If i where you i would bridge UT61 its a peice of cake, i did it my Xenon 3 days ago after reading about accidental updates :'( heres a picture of mine after i bridged it. Also updating FSD to 3.04 is also a peice of cake, heres how i do it without formatting. 1) Download the latest FSD Version (FSD3.04) 2) Open the archive in ''Winrar'' or similar and take the other archive out of it onto your desktop. 3) Extract the contents of the archive that was inside the first archive 4) Place the folder onto the root of your USB/Pen Stick (ex. G:/F3Rev58Release) 5) Put the USB/Pen Stick into your Xbox360 6) You may be able to boot your 360 straight to XeXmenu by holding the ''X'' button down during start-up, if not just load up normal and run it from dashboard 7) Once at XeXmenu navigate to the USB/Pen Stick directory and press ''Y'' on the folder with the FSD inside then choose ''Copy'' 8) Navigate to your HDD:// root and press ''Y'' and choose ''Paste'', let it complete the process OPTIONAL: 9) Open Dashlaunch from XeXmenu if you have it, and click ''Paths'' you will see ''Default'' near the top of the list 10) Click on the path to alter it, Navigate to the directory where you pasted ''F3Rev58Release'' folder and click on the ''default.xex'' 11) Press the ''LB'' button until you find a menu with a list of memory units and hard-drives, DONT PRESS ''A'' go down untill you are hovering over the one you want your default boot from, and press ''X'' which saves the ''launch.ini'' 12) Press guide button and press ''Y'' and it should take you to the freshly installed FSD3.04
  9. First let me start by saying ''Top Marks!!'' for the amazing work they have done.. Now i know its the first open BETA and all but i have set up LiNK correctly. So i run Black Ops 2 , Click ''Multiplayer'', then click ''System Link'' then ''Join Game'' then i press the guide button and use the menu to join a room where there is usually 28 or so players, after i have joined i back out of the menu and hit ''X'' to refresh in black ops 2, it does find a game or two but when i click to join the screen goes black and goes back to ''System Link'' menu with the error ''Unable to join game''. Is there something im missing ???
  10. Glad it wasnt just me spinning out lol
  11. I think the video will explain more,i seem to be able to reproduce this bug by going into ''Plugin Settings'' and pressing ''Up & Down'' which make the HUD appear scrolling through the Tabs/Menu's
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