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  1. OK, I made a mistake in the title by not making it clear that i wanted to install a larger HDD. I also stupidly forgot that portion in the body as well. I was typing on my iphone and mentally it was there but phyically it was not. So Thanks to those above who gave info on updating FSD to 3.04 (which i will do soon), but i am looking to update the HDD to a larger one.
  2. My jtag'd xenon was originally modded thru dvd flashed method. It currently has the latest dash 16197 and the efuse is not removed nor is ut61 bridged (which i am willing to do if needed). Currently running FSD 2.2 and latest dashlaunch off an external drive. Well the hdd is small 12-15gig and with most DLC and updates, there is nothing left for new stuff. Most of the tutorials for installing a larger HDD are old (2-4yrs) and I am looking for someone to point me in the right direction to an up to date tutorial that explains what needs to be done to install a larger HDD. Thanks in advance,
  3. I am at 16197 with FSD 2.2r1072 and working fine and have updated the avatar and kinect data. The question i have is when i plug in my kinect to xbox, it comes up with a message that there is an update required, if I do not update kinect will not work. This comes up when i am on FSD if I unplug and plug in kinect. My xenon 16mb xbox does not have the efuse removed or bypassed or bridged (whichever the term is). It was originally a DVD drive modded xbox, now jtag'd. Do i do the update or is there something else i need to do?
  4. I found the readme.txt here http://www.realmodsc...civ-hook-fixed/
  5. I didnt have the actual readme for dashlaunch, got it and that had the answer. From the readme.txt from dashlauch "Updates seem to work best if memory stick is inserted while in official dash" worked like a charm.
  6. Just used latest jrunner and updated to 16197, no problems there with update or dashlaunch. Currently have FSD2.2 on an external HD. When i went to update the $systemupdate for 16197 that was downloaded from MS, my xbox would not auto start the update automatically like it has every time in the past when turning on the xbox. I did also try and renaming to $$ystemupdate but that did not help either. I also tried another thumb drive formatted to fat32 but no luck either. I am not sure what to do now, any suggestions would be helpful. thanks in advance
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