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  1. Thanks for your reaction Swizzy! Will there be GUI sounds in a later update?
  2. First of all thumbs up for this nice new Dash for my RGH xbox. This morning i've installed Aurora 0.2 and did some testing with it and everything is working fine. Just now i've made some changes in the language of the dash and for some reason i don't hear any GUI sounds anymore. I'm not sure if there were any gui sounds this morning so maybe there aren't in Aurora. Can someone please tell me if there should be some gui sounds? Thanks in advance!
  3. First of all thums up for the team behind Dashlaunch and XeBuild!! Updated my xbox in a few seconds as well. I prefer having a backup of the actual NAND before updating. therefore i used the -d option. It saves 2 .bin files named; 16537_gg_falcon.binandnanddump.bin Can someone confirm that "nanddump.bin" is the backup of my NAND before the update procedure? Thanks in advance!
  4. I found out that i wasn't at dashlauch version 3.04. I believed i was but i wasn't. After updating to dashlaunch 3.04 my problems went away and now i'm playing online To bad COD BO2 doesn't have the ability to rank up while playing System Link
  5. I've found my problem!!! I thought i had updated dashlaunch to version 3.04 but after reading several forums with hanging BO2 and reporting they weren't on 3.04 i've double checked mine and found out i was on 3.03 Updated to 3.04 and now everything is working rely great!!
  6. What if you try to play campaign mode? Mine also crashes so probably there's a bad release/download going around. I'm going to try a different one and will report back as soon as i know!
  7. Thanks for the information!! I'm using default skin and i've updated everything. Avatar update, dashlaunch update etc. I've tried playing Campain and even here the game crashes so probably i've downloaded a corrupted .iso I'm going to try a different one see if this helps. I'l report back when i've got some more information
  8. Turn on your Xbox with controller and keep pressing X to launch XEXMenu (i believe this is default if it does nothing than probably i set it up for myself) otherwise hold RB then it should launch NXE dash and you could start XEXMenu. Browse to your freestyle skin folder and delete everything exept default.xzp now it should work fine.
  9. I'm also having allot of trouble joining games in BO2. Most of the time (more like always except for 1 time) my xbox hangs while joining the game. I've tried the GOD version as well as the extracted version. Same problems. Sometimes the BO2 logo indicates it's loading only nothing happens. What release are you guys using? I've got the IMARS
  10. I saw the same! I jumped from MW3 to BO2 and when i've opend LINK i was still in the MW3 room. Question; Does the game release need to be the same to play online? As PAL vs NTSC? So if i'm using a PAL release will i be able to join a session from someone using a NTSC release? Because i live in europe i prefere downloading the PAL release but if there are more online gamers using NTSC releases it's better for me to download those when i want to play online.
  11. I'm having the same problems with BO2. I've managed to start 1 game and got kicked after 2 min. After that it is constantly crashing. I've also tried using the GOD version and the Extracted version. Same problems. MW3 tough works realy great and flawless.
  12. Make sure to have the latest TU. If you have try disable it.
  13. I like to see that the game with the most players is on top this way you know were to be!!
  14. Hello Team FSD, First of all thubs up for this great work you delivered with this new update! I've set up everything correctly and i can connect to LINK. I've got a little question about how LINK handles created games? For example i'm playing COD MW3 and i've joined room 1 with aprox 25 users and then chose join game. When there are no games listed does that mean that all users are just idling in that room and nobody has created a game? And what if i'm on a different TU? If someone with another version of TU created a game should is still be listed? For once i got the message that the host wasn't on the same version of the game so i couldn't join. therefore it looks like when your on a different TU version games should still list up? Or are the games only listed when PINGS are almost the same? I know LINK is still new and allot of people are finding there way's but when there are 25 people in the same room and there's only 1 game showing up with only 2 other users i'm wondering what all the other are doing. Hopefully someone can give a clear explanation. Thanks in advance!!
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