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Found 15 results

  1. Xbox classic game covers won't get displayed in freestyle dash 3. Im running latest F3 Rev735. I can see freestyle downloading covers so I know its downloading something. Even when I refresh artwork for current title it downloads. Yet again f3 won't display any downloaded covers for xbox classic games. Keeps showing Missing Cover. Even after restarting F3. Also tried setting up a JQE360 account and linked it to freestyle dashboard in settings to get custom covers. Loged in and installed a few, After they download I They don't show up either. Even with download custom covers enabled in f3. I've tried everything and can't get any of the xbox classic covers to display. Any ideas how to fix and get classic xbox game covers to be displayedin f3?
  2. Hello guys! My question is exactly this: There's a plan to put Xbox Classic games to play online again on Xbox 360 on Aurora via LiNK ou NOVA? I imagine that this is not a high priority for Aurora Team right now, but i might to know if there's a possibility to do this on the future or if is possible to liberate to use the old method to play online via LiNK like was on JQE360 (where we can join in a 360 game room and use the HUD to load the "default.xbe" on the System Link Xbox Classic game)? This is the old JQE360 method that i say: https://www.youtube.com/embed/pZ4_Dirt6u0?html5=1&fs=1 (Kira135 forum member, or something like this) If not, there's a date to put this on the new NOVA? I hope so and i believe there's a lot of people that will'be joy with this! I read for several hours a lot of topics and i see that the last topic about this theme was in january/2015 and is dead. If i duplicate the topic, sorry 4 this. Thanks 4 all the work and continue like this.
  3. First of all, I would like to say a big HELLO EVERYONE HERE @ RMS! I have spent countless hours here. I have drank many coffees here. I have been yelled at by my wife like no other for bieng here too much HAHAHA! A huge thank you to all the MODS, Teammembers, and generally awesome people here for your knowledge and courtesy. I am late to the whole "360" mod scene, but not the the scene in general. I'm usually pretty decent when it comes to hacking/homebrew/modding, but i'm always following a RMS guide in the end and i just wanted to say thank you for that! NOW, my stupid issue with LiNK / Unity / JQE360 / Freestyle Plugin (Or whatever)... I had made an account at JQE360 i BELIEVE a little over a month ago (i'm pretty sure when doesn't even matter anyway) Now i understand that all JQE360 accounts were switched automatically to UNITY accounts. I can and am logged in currently on my PC, and my 360 has no issues connecting either. My issue is with the actual "System Link" area of this whole setup. Lets use Advanced Werrrferrr as an example (not too sure of the rules on what "gamez" we can post) ... I turn on my RGH 360. (I had XBDM.XEX loading @ startup, but not anymore. i read that it interferes with LiNK) I have it set to launch FSD3 Rev 775 on 16767 dash (or kernel?) and autosignin is disabled. So i go ahead and launch Advanced Werrrferrr... Go to Multiplayer ---> System Link ----> and i sign in, select a device and everything is good so far. I press the "GUIDE" button, select "SYSTEM LINK" in the Xbox menu, and it shows me rooms. a bunch of players. I press "A" to join a room, and success! now, i press "B" (Or guide, neither matters i think), and select join game. And that is where i am stuck. I can see the active people playing, everything looks good, lightning quick it seems, too! But, i can NOT for the life of me find any games to actually join beyond this point. And this is with ALL of my games, which is ALL of the games lol. I have the latest TU's, i have all my settings set properly, UNITY API Key is valid, XBOX is DMZ because my port forwarding is fukky and doesn't ever seem to work properly. Any help would be greatly appretiated, and again thanks to everyone involved in the scene, i hope to be here awhile
  4. Hello! I'm trying to connect my xbox 360 to jqe360 in fsd settings but i can not, when I'm typing my user and pass and click link its not write any message (supposed to write something). Thank helpers!
  5. Hi I am Brazilian and to have a serious problem on my xbox 360 HD, I need more formatalo my windowns 7 PC does not recognize the HD and I can not format the drive for xbox because of error E68've seen several solutions on youtube furums blogs nothing solved the xbox rgh xell only league in the xell le HD. Intão there any way to format the drive for xbox 360 xell if there is another way digan me please
  6. 1)Go here http://covers.jqe360.com/ 2)register 3)add login info to FSD in settings 4) Enable Custom Cover Downloading 5)search for cover you want on http://covers.jqe360.com/ 6)press Install to Xbox 7)reboot xbox or just restart fsd and cover will be downloaded
  7. HI GUYZ I REAALY NEED HELP IN THIS ISSUE WITH LiNK whenever i play a game i join the room successfully but the looby is empty no players but when i check the website link.jqe360.com i see many people in that same room. plz help me I PASS ALL TH TEST EXCEPT FOR UpNP router found - failed plz help me guyz will reall appreciate it and i have the latest TU
  8. BJONESH03x

    LiNK Issues

    Hey I'm really new to the RGH thing just did my first one set everything up (dash launch, xex menu, fsd, and so fourth) and I got around to setting up the internet portion for LiNK, did the port forwarding and all the jargon, passes both UDP and TCP on both ports (3071, 3072) setup and linked my RGH with JQE360 (passed) Ping patch is enabled DevLink is disabled, I can download cover art, get weather updates, however when i go into a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts and go to the System Link Menu it comes up but shows zero users, i get an error when trying to make a private room, and on the last tab under user all the information there is blank, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Since I got rev 755, my jqe360.com password keeps disappearing... I enter the password, press "link console to jqe360" and get "successfully configured connection to server". But when I leave settings and the enter it again, only my username is there... the password is blank (no stars etc.) What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  10. In a topic any person says this and i try all but didnt work :/ I'm try the same . i was have an error in system link (30 august) and i update the freestyle, after i forgive my password and try reset(mail) and , i go to jqe360 and put the new password but i have the same error "You are not aproved to login" :/ how can recovery my account please (I'm speak spanish so my english is so bad(Sorry) ) I'm not use cheat I'm Not are Banned I'm not corrupted user I didnt understand what happen with this :/ only i like play :C please help i like play :C
  11. JQE360.com is dedicated to bringing the RGH/JTAG community everything they need to get the most out of their modded console but now we need something from you! Jqe360.com will be undergoing a massive transformation sometime in the near future and we would like the community to be apart of the action by designing a new header for the site. Show us your skills by replying to this thread with your contest entry and feel free to be as creative as you like. The header should be 800x180 and the background should be extendable to fill across the screen and remember that this is a JQE360 header so it should have no mention of LiNK, RMS or Freestyle Dash. Do not worry about color scheme, i will match to the header, be creative and create the new Face of JQE360.com The lucky contest winner will receive a brand new Glitch 360SPI 3.0 as a prize ! Contest runs from may 14th to June 31 so take your time and make sure your submission is just the way you want it. Good Luck !
  12. I am logged in to JQE360 LinK site and trying to create a room , i fill out room name and amount of users and leave password blank, or with password , tried both. When i hit "Submit Query" I get ERROR: Form elements must not have name or ID of "submit".
  13. FIXED. Soent hours searching, decided to post, searched a little more and finally found my issues. For anyone else having this problem if you have xbdm.xex installed in your plug ins DELETE IT when you want to use LiNK. FSD is up to date, dashlaunch is set, JQE360 connects to server, all LiNK settings pass. But when i go to mw3 and over to system link then try to connect to LiNK all i get it the loading circle. Worked fine 3 days ago but the last 2 days it just wont load the lobbies. Haven't changed any settings at all. Tried directly connecting and have tried wireless, neither will work anymore. Any suggestions? Additional information: jqe360 cannot find my xbox location. And not sure if this is normal or not but testing my consoles connection i get Network connected Internet failed (more info says DNS server cant resolve xbl server names) Tried resetting internet and changed my ports. Links to jqe360, everything still passes, still wont load lobbies.. Just the spinning circles
  14. Already tried with 2 emails, but dont worked.I dont recieve the email to activate my account. Any ideas?It takes some times?tried around a hour ago.
  15. shizla

    i have an idea

    Hey guys, i have an idea for LiNK e.g. i crate a room, played.. and exit room. Everything is normal. But turn i crated room. Leader is other one. I mean, I need to transfer the leadership returned to his own room. Thanks
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