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  1. Not sure if i understand this correctly but it sounds like you want to use your PC as a router for your xbox? If thats what your trying to do then if your PC has wireless internet then for windows 7 follow this... Connect ethernet cable to xbox 360 and then into your PC then... Start > control panel > network and internet > network and sharing center > (on the right) change adapter settings > highlight your wireless network AND your xbox 360 then right click and select bridge. Your xbox 360 will then connect to your network via your PC.
  2. FIXED. Soent hours searching, decided to post, searched a little more and finally found my issues. For anyone else having this problem if you have xbdm.xex installed in your plug ins DELETE IT when you want to use LiNK. FSD is up to date, dashlaunch is set, JQE360 connects to server, all LiNK settings pass. But when i go to mw3 and over to system link then try to connect to LiNK all i get it the loading circle. Worked fine 3 days ago but the last 2 days it just wont load the lobbies. Haven't changed any settings at all. Tried directly connecting and have tried wireless, neither will work anymore. Any suggestions? Additional information: jqe360 cannot find my xbox location. And not sure if this is normal or not but testing my consoles connection i get Network connected Internet failed (more info says DNS server cant resolve xbl server names) Tried resetting internet and changed my ports. Links to jqe360, everything still passes, still wont load lobbies.. Just the spinning circles
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