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  1. Here's a question about Fakeanim i need answered, actually... Is it safe to place my Fakeanim folder into the NAND of the console via FTP? I would like to speed up the boot times a little bit, because it is on USB as of right now, and I think it will run faster from the NAND section. Or even the HDD. any suggestions?
  2. I know what you are trying to say lol... I was kinda like "F&@( THAT! I'm not deleting my bootanim.xex" just for a little video to play ..." But dude, it's actually so easy once you actually understand the inner workings of what is happening. You don't even need the Bootanim.xex (I backed it up, JUST IN CASE). Let me know through PM if you need help. I'm not an Admin or anything, but i like to help when i can...
  3. Just a couple little quick fakeanim's for the community... http://youtu.be/-cHmXmOnX1I ----- Bootanim 2.wmv PREVIEW http://youtu.be/nzRo9r_3GuM ---- Bootanim 3 (Retro Style).wmv PREVIEW Bootanim 2.wmv Bootanim 3(Retro Style).wmv
  4. UPDATE: I figured out that the issue is indeed my router settings. I went in deep (I have an ADSL modem attached to a wireless router) and changed my ports, set BOTH to static IP's, i went crazy... All in all, it worked for a day or so, but then my ISP didn't like my Static IP setup and things went down for my whole network. I had to reset everything. So basically with my connection setup, i can't do it ATM.
  5. So anyway, i solved the issue with the games not showing. I had to rename the folder on USB:0 that my games were in. Seems after the update (or downgrade) FSD didn't want to recognize that folder anymore, no matter what i did. Still no LiNK though, but working on things.
  6. Well, it don't feel good.... it's still not working, and now it seems that my games don't like the new 16747. Most didn't work, so i removed the scan path, deleted the games files, and restarted. Added the scan path again, and now it will only show me 6 of the games. le sigh....
  7. .....cheap-ass D-Link DIR-615.... I am going to try it wired now, and see how that feels....
  8. Pingpatch = true i will try all this in a little while, im just ... "relaxing" after work for a bit, and then i will report back ASAP. As for the LiNK results, I actually get a Fail/Fail, but read reports that for some console setups, it's just a bug. I was never able to access the System LiNK area before, because it was greyed out. But after mucking with the router and blah blah blah , i ended finally gettiing to the point of where we are now, So i figured i maybe had "the bug" but maybe not. So yeah, give me some time and i will be back Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, thanks for the replies. Had to go to work I managed to flash my NAND with the OFFICIAL 16747 kernel, and everything went smoothly. I check in DL and it shows as 16747, RGH2, Trinity... But the issue is still persistent. I can join rooms, but not games. I have tried in FSD3 Rev 775, and i have tried in Aurora 0.3b (Which is soooo sick! i love it, and am in the process of creating a new fakeanim and skin.... so fun!) I have even tried joining the LiNK rooms on the Unity site, but to no avail. My connection is with a really good provider in Canada, i get minimun 6 Mbps download, which isn't much. Maybe that's the issue?
  10. Does it matter that i have already done the Avatar update for the 16767 kernel? I have done a NAND backup, and am prepared to reflash as a 16747 to enable the LiNK features... And yes, i have Static Ip setup,
  11. First of all, I would like to say a big HELLO EVERYONE HERE @ RMS! I have spent countless hours here. I have drank many coffees here. I have been yelled at by my wife like no other for bieng here too much HAHAHA! A huge thank you to all the MODS, Teammembers, and generally awesome people here for your knowledge and courtesy. I am late to the whole "360" mod scene, but not the the scene in general. I'm usually pretty decent when it comes to hacking/homebrew/modding, but i'm always following a RMS guide in the end and i just wanted to say thank you for that! NOW, my stupid issue with LiNK / Unity / JQE360 / Freestyle Plugin (Or whatever)... I had made an account at JQE360 i BELIEVE a little over a month ago (i'm pretty sure when doesn't even matter anyway) Now i understand that all JQE360 accounts were switched automatically to UNITY accounts. I can and am logged in currently on my PC, and my 360 has no issues connecting either. My issue is with the actual "System Link" area of this whole setup. Lets use Advanced Werrrferrr as an example (not too sure of the rules on what "gamez" we can post) ... I turn on my RGH 360. (I had XBDM.XEX loading @ startup, but not anymore. i read that it interferes with LiNK) I have it set to launch FSD3 Rev 775 on 16767 dash (or kernel?) and autosignin is disabled. So i go ahead and launch Advanced Werrrferrr... Go to Multiplayer ---> System Link ----> and i sign in, select a device and everything is good so far. I press the "GUIDE" button, select "SYSTEM LINK" in the Xbox menu, and it shows me rooms. a bunch of players. I press "A" to join a room, and success! now, i press "B" (Or guide, neither matters i think), and select join game. And that is where i am stuck. I can see the active people playing, everything looks good, lightning quick it seems, too! But, i can NOT for the life of me find any games to actually join beyond this point. And this is with ALL of my games, which is ALL of the games lol. I have the latest TU's, i have all my settings set properly, UNITY API Key is valid, XBOX is DMZ because my port forwarding is fukky and doesn't ever seem to work properly. Any help would be greatly appretiated, and again thanks to everyone involved in the scene, i hope to be here awhile
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