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  1. any topic to configure dashlaunch ? is recomendable the fix of the new dashlaunch (i have corona xbox with rgh)
  2. I didn't use google translate , LOL ... but in my xbox says " failed to connect to server" , all says "Pass" ,except authetication of jqe360 :S ... I have corona and all updates but my system link didn't work :'(
  3. In a topic any person says this and i try all but didnt work :/ I'm try the same . i was have an error in system link (30 august) and i update the freestyle, after i forgive my password and try reset(mail) and , i go to jqe360 and put the new password but i have the same error "You are not aproved to login" :/ how can recovery my account please (I'm speak spanish so my english is so bad(Sorry) ) I'm not use cheat I'm Not are Banned I'm not corrupted user I didnt understand what happen with this :/ only i like play :C please help i like play :C
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