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Found 5 results

  1. I just bought LEGO Dimensions plus the Portal 2 and Doctor Who add on packs, and it requires a Title Update to properly use the add-on figures and levels. I had a look in xboxunity but there aren't any title updates listed there yet. My box is RGH, just updated to 2.0.17489.0 thanks to Swizzy's Kernel Updating Guide. I remember hearing long ago that it was a bad idea to connect a modded 360 to the internet, and specifically to XBOX Live. The rumour at the time was that it was likely to get banned, and that getting banned somehow corrupted the hard drive as well. I've kept my box offline all these years out of fear, but never really known the truth. What's the truth of the situation these days? Is it a really bad idea for me to try connecting so I can download this Title Update? I don't really care if I get banned as long as it doesn't wreck my machine in some way.
  2. EDIT (05/22/2015): LiNKChat received a rather large update just now. I have removed the XRPC requirement, at the cost of notifications on the console. You can still enable the option, but by default it is disabled so that users don't need to have it. I also added an auto-login function so you don't have to login every time you open the app, and user tagging (double click a user's name). Updates adding web UI authentication will be coming in the next few days, but for now, enjoy the new stuff. EDIT (05/23/2015): LiNKChat received another update. It now supports web UI security so you don't need to disable your security; now it lets you log in. I also added custom rooms as a possibility, opening the ability for users to host their own private rooms. As always, get the update from the LiNKChat release page. So I doubt it will get very popular, but I figured it can't hurt to see what the community thinks of this. I know that until Nova is released, we (the community) don't have access to any form of live messaging service for LiNK users. So I have created this little baby to sort of mend that issue with LiNK until Nova is released. Let me know what you guys think. I call it LiNKChat (creative, right?). Download You can download LiNKChat from it's official site (here). Screenshots: Let's hear it guys! If you'd like to help test this project, let me know via PM or in the comments below. Thanks! ~Leumonic
  3. BJONESH03x

    LiNK Issues

    Hey I'm really new to the RGH thing just did my first one set everything up (dash launch, xex menu, fsd, and so fourth) and I got around to setting up the internet portion for LiNK, did the port forwarding and all the jargon, passes both UDP and TCP on both ports (3071, 3072) setup and linked my RGH with JQE360 (passed) Ping patch is enabled DevLink is disabled, I can download cover art, get weather updates, however when i go into a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts and go to the System Link Menu it comes up but shows zero users, i get an error when trying to make a private room, and on the last tab under user all the information there is blank, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. dicky091

    LiNK issue

    Hi there, Just wanted to provide the heads up that there was a trial using link for Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed. While system link appears to be accessible for this game, it cannot be played without accessing live. Odd I know but definitely a clever way of bypassing the usual system link use online. Anyways just wanted to throw this info out there. Cheers
  5. Routers & Port Forwarding Have you ever noticed that sometimes you can't join certain games on Xbox LIVE??? Have you noticed that in some games there are people that you can't hear or talk to?? If this is the case you probably don't have a fully 100% xbox live compatible router or you don't have your ports setup for optimal online gaming. Here are some notes and instructions to hopefully assist you people in at least working towards fixing up your setup and which may alleviate these issues. Network and Router Intro First things first - I'm assuming your setup looks something like this: Xbox -> Broadband Router -> (possibly a modem) -> Internet Your broadband router may have a built-in ADSL modem or you may be using a separate external modem (ADSL or Cable). You may also have one or more network hubs and/or switches - these shouldn't affect things for this discussion. If you are using a broadband router (with multiple wired and/or wireless ports) which does NAT for connection sharing (NB: This is typically the case with most if not all of these devices) and you have an external (separate) modem then I'm expecting that you are running your modem in Bridging (passthrough) mode and not Routing (NAT) mode - if this is not that case then you "may" want to try connecting your xbox directly to the modem instead. Now this guide is going to be using some potentially confusing acronyms and terms (like NAT, UDP, TCP, Port, UPnP, IP, DMZ, etc) - in most cases you don't actually need to know what these mean or what they really represent - most of the time you just need to find and select an option with that name in the routers administrative interface. Which brings us to another point - most (if not all) home broadband routers have some form of administrative interface (where you can set things up and change settings) - it is usually accessed via a web based (via a web browser) interface. To make changes to the router configuration you will need to know: - the web address for this admin interface (usually something like <!-- m --><!-- m --> or something like that - more on this elsewhere) - the administrative account name (usually "admin" or something like that) - the password Use one of the Three Options below to configure your broadband router to make it more Xbox Live compatible. All of the Options below require you to log into the routers administrative interface (using a web browser) and make changes to its configuration. Options 2 and 3 also require you to know the IP Address of your Xbox (instructions for doing this are given after the three options). The second option also requires you to work out how to setup port forwarding rules in the router. The following web site details instructions (with pictures) (for a huge number of Routers) on how to both log into the web interface (giving the usual default address and username) and how to configure a port forwarding rule for each router. In most cases the example given is to setup a port forward to the PCs IP Address - you want to set it up to forward to the Xboxes IP Address instead. If your exact router is not listed then perhaps try choosing a similar one and use the example. <!-- m -->http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm<!-- m --> Three Basic Options for Setting up your Router Option 1: UPnP - the first thing to check is to see if your broadband router supports a feature called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) and turn it on. You may also be able to install a newer firmware in your router (which you can usually obtain from your router manufacturers web site) which has the UPnP feature. However UPnP just may not be available for your router in which case try Option 2. Option 2: Port Forwarding - the second option you can try is to see if your router supports the setup of "port forwarding" rules and if so setup (three) port forwarding rules for the following three ports to the IP address of your Xbox: UDP 88 UDP 3074 and TCP 3074 (see <!-- m -->http://www.portforward.com/routers.htm<!-- m --> for more info on how to do this) Option 3: DMZ Host - the last option you can try is to see if your router supports specifying a DMZ (Exposed) Host and if so configure it so that the IP address of your Xbox is setup as the DMZ Host. Your Xboxes IP Address To setup any port forwarding or DMZ rules you need to determine the IP Address of the device you are going to forward these ports to (your xbox). Most people with a router will have it setup such that it is a DHCP server and all the devices you connect to your LAN will be DHCP clients - which will be automatically assigned an IP address (and other information) by the DHCP Server in your router. Most routers have a nice status web page which show you the currently connected devices (DHCP Clients Table, Attached Devices, LAN Status, etc) and their MAC addresses and IP Addresses - however how do you determine which one of these devices is the Xbox? The easiest way is to have only two devices active on your LAN (the PC you are using to administer the router with and the xbox). Have them both connected and turned on and then go to the routers connected devices web page and hopefully you should have only two devices listed in the table. One of them will be your PC and the other will be the Xbox. By a process of elimination if you determine your PC (Computers) IP Address the other one will be the Xbox. An alternative is to manually assign an IP Address (and Gateway and DNS server address) to your Xbox (using the Xbox Dashboard network settings) - you must assign an address from the same pool as the routers DHCP Server assigns (basically one which has the same first three numbers in the IP address as your PC (and the web admin interface address) has - e.g. 192.168.???. NB: Don't choose an address which is already in use on your home network. Your Computer's IP Address - Click the Start button. - Click Run button (XP ONLY) - In the text area type cmd. (A black screen should pop up on the screen.) - In the black screen type IPConfig. (Your computer's IP address should be listed next to IP Address. If you have more than one NIC card select the IP address that starts with 192.168.)
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