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  1. Would this be a welcomed addition to LiNKChat? I am thinking of doing a basic friends system (and maybe private messaging of some kind).
  2. I couldn't figure it out for Fabricio. Something about his computer/internet setup just won't get it working. I made sure the ports were opened, I made sure that the server was listening, but nothing else could connect to the port.
  3. If you guys have TeamViewer, I'd be willing to jump on and help you set up your rooms manually.
  4. Change your ServerSettings.xml file to reflect a new name for your room. It might help sort out of confusion.
  5. A new version of LiNKChat has been released! It now supports logging into your dashboard's WebUI (no more disabling security) and also allows custom rooms to be added. Users can now host their own private chat rooms.
  6. This. However, the server can basically run on ANY machine. It's coded in .NET, but it uses 2.0 so it can run on literally any Windows machine, and almost any Linux box, so long as you can run Wine or something similar.
  7. I actually do think it requires the XDK again, but I'll try to find a way around it.
  8. So I've released a public version (including the client, the custom server (useful for later), and the plugins needed to make LiNKChat work, as well as a README to get everything set up. To get the official version of LiNKChat that I will be providing support for, please go to http://linkchat.ml/ and download it!
  9. Actually, using the Web UI gives me access to your Unity API key, Unity username, whether you have LiNK/Unity enabled, profile name, profile image, XUID, gamerscore, and what controller you're signed into. It's really helpful to utilize it. I'm going to be adding security authorization for LiNKChat so you can keep your WebUI security enabled. I also really like the idea of modifying the webUI to add a live-chat type service into it. However, the PC option lets me do a LOT more with it, in terms of integration.
  10. I removed the XRPC dependency. Now you don't need any plugins or anything. Just make sure that you can connect to the WebUI.
  11. There is more security than that. Requiring what I do means you can't spoof your console IP and send false info (which would allow impersonators in the chat).
  12. In future versions, I may remove the need for XRPC and the Neighborhood and just go based on IP:Port. (Currently, the XRPC features are for security)
  13. So, I know it isn't a great solution, and I know it will be deprecated by Nova, but this is a start, right? Anyway, here is a link to try it out. It is kind of specific right now. Requirements: Running Aurora (0.4b+) Your Web UI does NOT have security enabled You are signed in on the first controller on your console You are signed into LiNK via Aurora's LiNK panel Once you meet those requirements (most people should), go ahead and open up the app and enter your WebUI port. It should handle the rest. Download: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/22476555/LiNKChat.zip
  14. EDIT (05/22/2015): LiNKChat received a rather large update just now. I have removed the XRPC requirement, at the cost of notifications on the console. You can still enable the option, but by default it is disabled so that users don't need to have it. I also added an auto-login function so you don't have to login every time you open the app, and user tagging (double click a user's name). Updates adding web UI authentication will be coming in the next few days, but for now, enjoy the new stuff. EDIT (05/23/2015): LiNKChat received another update. It now supports web UI security so you don't need to disable your security; now it lets you log in. I also added custom rooms as a possibility, opening the ability for users to host their own private rooms. As always, get the update from the LiNKChat release page. So I doubt it will get very popular, but I figured it can't hurt to see what the community thinks of this. I know that until Nova is released, we (the community) don't have access to any form of live messaging service for LiNK users. So I have created this little baby to sort of mend that issue with LiNK until Nova is released. Let me know what you guys think. I call it LiNKChat (creative, right?). Download You can download LiNKChat from it's official site (here). Screenshots: Let's hear it guys! If you'd like to help test this project, let me know via PM or in the comments below. Thanks! ~Leumonic
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