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  1. unknown users entering private rom ? was playing against another clan a few days ago and we are pertubados by these intruders , does not serve to change the password or to kick the rom no use, they come back after a few minutes (screenshot made ​​by my friend . " intruders are epicmodsonline " and " worm " ) Passwords are difficult sorry the quality had to be decreased
  2. how to do this it? (Dumping,offsets)
  3. Sorry my English is terrible, you can give help to create the coaches, the only thing I want is the aw armor for my clan and make a kick menu, I can do some parts of the training that I already have the visual studio with XDK only need these codes. Sent from my galaxy tab 3 with screen match
  4. hi good Christmas to all, I hope good gifts receive, as I am a single person this Christmas get nothing but what I really want to know is how to create coaches correctly, assisiti several tutorials, but none showed what I want to know. I want to know how to get commands, cheats, codes looked at various forums with the blocked content, someone is willing to help?
  5. how to do this with the HXD
  6. as the trainers are created ? what is the program used to create ?
  7. F1 2014 players will not appear connected to the link. function normally in other games ( Diablo , Call of Duty , Gears of War 3 ) f1 2014 not working online I go into a rom I can wait as long as it conssigo not find online matches
  8. Friend, unfortunately , the problem is the model of your hard drive This usually happens to those with a bit of white light blue background . solution to buy a new disk from another template and save it again . believe went through the same situation today with most of my games on disk does not happen anymore just bought elsewhere with better quality
  9. this happened to me a few days ago with my bo2 , then this error worked a few hours then stopped again and now it no longer works
  10. camos trainer cod aw use only once CAMOS AW.rar
  11. Jhonatan Jhow

    COD AW

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