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  1. Thanks for the help much appreciated for your wonderful applications.. I went with Simple NAND Flasher 1.2 and xeBuild Gui 2.092 for the update to Kernell 2.0.16547.0 Update went through perfectly. It just ignored the bad blocks and rebooted back into freestyle dash 3 with all my setings intact. After updating the system, reinstalled the avatars with official 2.0.16547.0 update from NXE..
  2. I have phat Jasper 256mb console running RGH1 with Matrix Glitcher Modchip. All running fine without any problems. Console was originally modded by a 3rd party.When dumping the samaller System only NAND I get 2 bad blocks.I have dumped the Nand with both Simple NAND Flasher 1.2 and Xell via FTP. Both times I get the exact same 2 bad blocks.SFCX: Bad block found at 00000180block 0x180 seems bad, status 0x00000350SFCX: Bad block found at 000001C6block 0x1c6 seems bad, status 0x00000350 I then used Swizzy's xeBuild GUI version 2.091 with xeBuild for kernel 16547 update to Gernerat the hacked NAND image After checking both the original dumped and xeBuild updated NAND. 360 Flash Dump Tool its showing the following:Note: Bad Block ID 0x0180 [Offset: 0x03180000]Note: Bad Block ID 0x01C6 [Offset: 0x03A86000]-> Block ID 0x01C6 found @ 0x1FE [Offset: 0x041BE000]-> Block ID 0x0180 found @ 0x1FF [Offset: 0x041DF000] Am I correct that the bad blocks were already remapped by the orignal modder or when backing up the NAND If I'm getting the same result for both the original and updated NAND? Would I be safe to update with new NAND? xeBuild GUI version 2.091 LOG shows no error messages. Kernel : 2.0.16547.0Console : Jasper (big block)NAND size : 64MiB (system only)Build : Glitch I also noticed that in the log file it says the following WARNING*************************nanddump.bin has NAND memory unit data, makesure you back up any important data off theinternal MU before flashing a new image!*************************Does this mean if I flash the updated NAND file back to the console it will also erase the internal 256mb memory unit containing some of my Saved Games and I should backup the saved games before doing so even though I am only updating the system?
  3. Most of the xbox classic game covers are there. Its just that the classic xbox game covers that were downloaded are only being displayed when selecting Coverflow in the Game List Style Settings. When selecting any of the other Game List Style options Classic NXE, FSD Flow and The Marketplace, they will not displaying any of the downloaded classic game covers. Yet all the downloaded cover for 360 and XBLA titles were being displayed correctly in any Game List Style setting.Since I prefer the Classic NXE style of displaying the covers over all the others which I had selected. Thats why none of the classic game covers were showing up.
  4. I understand that I can add artwork manually, what I don't understand is why freestyle dash is obviously downloading something, yet it is not able to display whatever artwork it has downloaded in association to the title that It is being requested for. Other tutorials I have seen show that I should be able to download artwork for xbox classic titles same as I do to get all the other xbla and 360 game titles that works perfectly. Especially when I have around 100 games that I need to update.
  5. Xbox classic game covers won't get displayed in freestyle dash 3. Im running latest F3 Rev735. I can see freestyle downloading covers so I know its downloading something. Even when I refresh artwork for current title it downloads. Yet again f3 won't display any downloaded covers for xbox classic games. Keeps showing Missing Cover. Even after restarting F3. Also tried setting up a JQE360 account and linked it to freestyle dashboard in settings to get custom covers. Loged in and installed a few, After they download I They don't show up either. Even with download custom covers enabled in f3. I've tried everything and can't get any of the xbox classic covers to display. Any ideas how to fix and get classic xbox game covers to be displayedin f3?
  6. I have the latest Freestyle Dashboard 3 rev 735 installed on my console. How do I get my saved games to show up when I select View Saves for the currently selected game? They are currently installed on the internal memory card and when I choose View Saves it says No Saved Games Were Found.
  7. greg

    Manage Title Updates

    Thanks. So I just need the latest update Then I can delete the others? As some updates are quiet large, take up a lot of hard drive space and If I delete the old ones it will just redownload the older ones just to get the latest update.
  8. When I download title updates using fsd3 it will download every available update. For example there are 8 updates for Red Dead Redemption. Titles update v1 through 8. Are all updates are cumulative so the newer updates containing all the previous updates? Do I still need all the previous updates or can they be deleted and just keep the latest update? And how do I know what updates I need to set active?
  9. Will a 2.5" 2tb sata drived physically fit into the internal phat console drive caddy or is there a limitation on the thickness of the drives that will actually fit into the caddy?
  10. Have a RGH1 phat white jasper 360 console which is currently running the official 250gb hard drive. I have a spare hard drive caddy/case from an old phat white 360 that no longer works. I would like to install a larger size sata hard drive into the case and use that. Since the 250gb is too small and I know I will fill that rather quickly. I was wondering what is the largest size/capacity hard drive that will actually fit into the internal caddy? I also have the official hard drive transfer cable. Is it possible to install the new drive and use that to transfer the old data to the new larger capacity 3rd party drive. If so is there anything special software or hardware setup I need to do to accomplish this?
  11. I have FSD3 V735 Installed but this might apply to any version of Freestyle Dash 3 Is there a way to specify what game title cover version to download? As I noticed a few titles with the incorrect game cover. I thing this may be because some game titles share the same title ID. For example Red Dead Redemption / Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare / Red Dead Redemption GOTY. All share the same title ID so when downloading the cover art they all show the same original Read Dead Redemption for both the title and cover art.
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