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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I bought a RGH (Slim). I was playing it, it was ok, I wanted to update it to 17559 to work with xbNetwork and others. I used Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.2 to make the backup and I came across 6 bad blocks (But I updated it anyway with an app called AutoGG, updated the nand and joined freestyle, when I went to the xbox settings it gave a red light (but it works and xell appears normally), how do I reverse or at least remove these bad blocks? I used the J-Runner to see what they were. Help me please :D Motherboard: Corona Nand Size: 16MB
  2. I'm trying to repair my console after losing access to the original dashboard (All attempts to access it in any aspect results in the Xbox crashing to a black screen). It appears as if the console is reporting bad blocks but I have no idea how to fix the issue. Would anyone be able to help me run through the issue, please? I'm a complete newbie in regards to the Xbox 360 mod-scene although I do have experience in soft-modifying other consoles. I am not the original modder of the Xbox, I bought it on the Facebook marketplace second hand so I do not have any backup files from the initial modding process.
  3. I have phat Jasper 256mb console running RGH1 with Matrix Glitcher Modchip. All running fine without any problems. Console was originally modded by a 3rd party.When dumping the samaller System only NAND I get 2 bad blocks.I have dumped the Nand with both Simple NAND Flasher 1.2 and Xell via FTP. Both times I get the exact same 2 bad blocks.SFCX: Bad block found at 00000180block 0x180 seems bad, status 0x00000350SFCX: Bad block found at 000001C6block 0x1c6 seems bad, status 0x00000350 I then used Swizzy's xeBuild GUI version 2.091 with xeBuild for kernel 16547 update to Gernerat the hacked NAND image After checking both the original dumped and xeBuild updated NAND. 360 Flash Dump Tool its showing the following:Note: Bad Block ID 0x0180 [Offset: 0x03180000]Note: Bad Block ID 0x01C6 [Offset: 0x03A86000]-> Block ID 0x01C6 found @ 0x1FE [Offset: 0x041BE000]-> Block ID 0x0180 found @ 0x1FF [Offset: 0x041DF000] Am I correct that the bad blocks were already remapped by the orignal modder or when backing up the NAND If I'm getting the same result for both the original and updated NAND? Would I be safe to update with new NAND? xeBuild GUI version 2.091 LOG shows no error messages. Kernel : 2.0.16547.0Console : Jasper (big block)NAND size : 64MiB (system only)Build : Glitch I also noticed that in the log file it says the following WARNING*************************nanddump.bin has NAND memory unit data, makesure you back up any important data off theinternal MU before flashing a new image!*************************Does this mean if I flash the updated NAND file back to the console it will also erase the internal 256mb memory unit containing some of my Saved Games and I should backup the saved games before doing so even though I am only updating the system?
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