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  1. I'm trying to repair my console after losing access to the original dashboard (All attempts to access it in any aspect results in the Xbox crashing to a black screen). It appears as if the console is reporting bad blocks but I have no idea how to fix the issue. Would anyone be able to help me run through the issue, please? I'm a complete newbie in regards to the Xbox 360 mod-scene although I do have experience in soft-modifying other consoles. I am not the original modder of the Xbox, I bought it on the Facebook marketplace second hand so I do not have any backup files from the initial modding process.
  2. After getting myself up to date with a few things Xbox-Mod related, I've been able to get access to the console via. FTP on my PC, so I'm able to take files off and also put new ones on - including recently installing Simple 360 Nand Flasher. Although now the problem is that I'm unable to make a dump of my nand as the program issues an error as soon as I select a directory to place the dump. Can I do any of this while not being the original modifier of the console?
  3. Okay thanks, I'll get on with that and see what I can do. The only other problem I've had (from the start) is that I've not been able to connect a USB to the Xbox either so I can't even transfer any files to the system at the moment. I'm trying to sort that out too.
  4. I've tried that already, it's just the blank screen again. I was looking into checking for bad blocks - I assume that involves opening the xbox and connecting it to the computer?
  5. I've got the newer slim model, which I'm sure would be RGH v2. Any idea on how I'd be able to get access to the dashboard again if that was the case?
  6. I literally cannot access the original Dashboard anymore. Dash.xex takes me to a blank screen every time I try and access it. I've tried using the guide-menu, launching it from a file manager and even opening the disc drive as I boot up the console but nothing. Does anyone have any idea how I could fix this? I bought it today and initially tried to connect to my wifi, but wasn't able to connect at all which prompted me to restart the console. After that point, however, I have been able to boot automatically into Aurora but all access to the original dashboard crashes my console to a blank black screen. If absolutely anyone can get back to me with some help or even to let me know what I've done wrong, I would be eternally grateful. Moved from Aurora Support forum, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
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