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  1. does anyone know of an adapter that can be used to get the logitech g920 working on the xbox 360? i just got the wheel a couple months ago and i have been running it on my pc with PCARS 1 and 2, and forza 7 on my xbox one, but i have a bunch of racing games on my 360 that i would love to be able to use the g920 with.
  2. hey i just wanted to say that i came home from work today i launched Aurora and now title updates are working in the dash, i guess it was a server issue, thanks for your help felida
  3. Hey guys, I just finished glitching my new 360, installed a 2tb hdd internally and copied my games collection to the drive, I have installed aurora latest and I have signed into unity from the dashboard, I find the game I want to play and then press Y then search for title updates and nothing, I keep refreshing and nothing shows up, is this an issue with ths unity site or am I doing something wrong?
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