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  1. I basically have been around since the inception of modifying the Xbox original. This was during the time my kids were in middle school and I wanted to do something that would be radically fun. Hence, I developed a new hobby that I loved! I’ve seen many changes take place with the development of exploits, hardware, software/home brew all the way down to chassis and shell modification. It has been and IS a fun and exciting adventure. Everyone here at RMS along with the teams at Phoenix, team FSD, XeBuild, and the list goes on with amazing individuals whom have contributed to the scene. I have to give a shout out for a job well done!! Your development and support that you’ve given the community goes beyond measure while it’s frame you’ve built enables it to stand AND expand. Thank you for your sometimes thankless and taken for granted sacrifices. You are not only the architect but also the glue which holds this amazing society together. You’re amazing! A debt of gratitude is owed to many but here is a start to begin that list: cory1492 TeamFSD, Chrishockey55 Developer, JPizzle “That Fuckin Guy”, JQE Hackin the Box, Kebob RMS Freshman, MaesterRowen Phoenix, Mattie Phoenix, BioHazard RMS Freshman, Blackwolf “What a jerk”, Dr.Gonzo RMS Senior, felida RMS PHD, gavin_darkglider RMS, MastersTraJiK Gypsy By Blood May the scene never die! Regards, wantin2mod
  2. Fantastic work and you are highly appreciated!! Beers for you! Sorry for the delay! Please....don't let the scene die. Regards, wantin2mod
  3. After a long absence from the scene I am so excited to see that it is still living and development taking place! I am way excited to try out this new dash release which I've been awaiting on pins and needles! You all are highly appreciated and are gods among this underground culture! I look forward to leaving my place of employment to head home and download this amazing piece of work!!!!! I salute you!! (beers are on the way...) Regards, wantin2mod
  4. Amazing and I'm very excited!! Your hard work is seen by the quality of the product you release!!
  5. Anything I say beyond this point is complete conjecture.
  6. Isn't a RROD or RDOD malfunctioning hardware or can this also be caused by software?
  7. I was able to log onto XboxUnity.net after numerous attempts yesterday 8/24/15 (forgot my JQE password after a long abscence from the scene). Today I'm unable to logon even after several password resets. After a logon attempt I read; "Login to JQE360. Please enter your username and password. Login failed. Please try again" Username is wantin2mod. Any suggestions or instructions Thanks. Edit: (facepalm) I was entering my email address rather than my username. I shouldn't be attempting anything but sleep when I'm absolutely exhausted after a long day. . . . Carry on . . .
  8. I am saddened to hear that you guys are disbanding. RMS has done such a wonderful job giving the scene such a great experience in Xbox360 home-brew pioneering and development!! I understand that things change and decisions must be made. You will be missed GREATLY and I wish the best in all of your upcoming endeavors! Regards, wantin2mod
  9. It seems that having my 360 iso's external hard drive and my usb thumb drive plugged in at the same time had my 360 going in cirlces (a loop) when I tried to launch the xex. Maybe? Anyhow I converted some of my isos and I reached success!! I have FF7 ripped to a bin and it works. I also tried Twisted Metal 2 ripped to a img file wiith perfect results. I don't know why the iso format just freezes my rgh1 system. Weird.
  10. I have this emulator on the root of a 16gb (FAT32) usb drive with the iso version of my PSX games in the ROMS folder. I can't get the xex to launch to play games. Any suggestions? Also, I'm using the most recent version of FSD. Thanks for any pointers.
  11. Wow!!! Thank you FSD Team so much for your efforts and kick ass work!!!! I will give a fresh install of this on my console!! I will definitely post any bugs I might find. Thank you!! wantin2mod
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