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  1. Thanks. Yes def checked the view is as should be including setting to show all... You mention deleting db’s and starting fresh is that a suggestion I can do instead of complete reinstall? Is there a way to manually delete them and then restart Aurora which should automatically recreate new? If not then I’ll google some pointers on how to reinstall Aurora. Like I say I’m real newb to it but have some tech knowhow so up for challenge over weekend I think. Thanks for posting.
  2. Just joined and bit of newb to forum workings and technicalities of aurora etc. as was given this box as treat for my kids. Basically running Aurora/Phoenix 0.7br1622 (according to about section) for number of weeks with my plethora of games being accessed via internal HDD and two usb drives. Before doing the update to the phoenix thing it been working fine for last year or so since having it. Not sure if relevant but updated to phoenix only couple of weeks but again no issues before today. Today have booted up and while the loading screen showed it loading database of games when I get to main screen it shows 'No Titles Found'. I tried checking scanning settings hadn't changed or anything else but could not find any obvious issues. I also checked that view is set for all games and show hidden games is checked.. In frustration I have now: 1. cleared all paths, then used Aurora Database Cleaner to check everything is completely clean. I then shutdown, disconnected all ext usb drives and rebooted and saw that the database read flew through (as no games in database) and finally returned to main screen which obviously showed 'Not Titles Found' as I would now expect as I had no paths set now (basically just trying to clear database and reset it). 2. I then added the internal hdd drive path for my games, set scan depth to infinite (as it was previously) and scanned. I could see the games or downloads being found but afterward still 'no titles found'. I couldn't recall if they would be found straight away so I restarted the system and again could see the database of game names being loaded but still the main menu shows 'no titles found'... Just totally at a loss as to why would suddenly not find titles when looks like database on load up is loading them (though I do not completely understand how database and title view are connected as such or even if they are) Not sure if relevant but don't recall it before, in top left when first comes to main display screen it quickly flashes something about disc, no disc inserted or something...This may be usual though as so quick poss never noticed before. Only thing I can think of now is to wipe and re-install Aurora. I did read something about FSD but I don't think my system has it, maybe I should install that and see if games work? Any advise be much appreciated. Sorry have just worked out how to get into FSD and titles found and work fine there..
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