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  1. Yes, I believe you can use the stock video player. But there's no cover art or anything. Plus using Plex is just so much easier and over all has a good look and feel to it
  2. It's been a really long time since I've posted here on RMS, and have forgotten several things. Such as how much the Xbox 360 can handle and what not. But is this a possibility of making? I have been using Plex on Xbox One and most of my devices to stream my movies and shows across platforms from my PC as a media server (because that's what Plex is, lol) And I don't like to use Windows Media Center because it is painfully slow. I'm in no position to assume how Modules, Plugins, or Scripts work on Xbox and Aurora. Because frankly, I have no idea. Reason I'm posting this is because I'm selling my Xbox One and still want to access Plex in some way from my TV. I'm tired of all the nonsense and drama on Xbox Live. If it is possible to create something like this to access Plex from my Xbox 360, can someone make this? I'd really appreciate it and will even donate to someone who can do this. Thanks for reading my question/request
  3. I've been waiting for someone to make that particular skin available for Aurora! I've missed the old 2006 dash
  4. That's good to hear. Regardless, you guys did an awesome job with the update! Eventually once I get things sorted out on my PC, I'm going to learn how to create skins for Aurora (in my free time when I have it)
  5. I thought maybe it had something to do with my Xbox being unplugged for so long. (as we had a really bad storm and didn't want my Xbox fried) But apparently that's not the case :/ If there is someone that can help me understand why this is happening, I'd really appreciate it
  6. Is anyone having fatal crashes with the RSS Feed enabled? It wasn't doing it before, but now it is :/
  7. Any chance your updated skin will be like from the 0.5b version? I didn't like the transparency, it just felt odd. I prefer the dark tone with the blue that you originally created and was perfect! ❤️
  8. By the way, there's no cover art for the version of Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis that I have. There is one available on Unity, but not my version. I'd appreciate if someone could fix that. Name: Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis TitleID: 56550021
  9. I figured out why it wasn't working. I guess updating from 0.6b to 0.7b doesn't quite work right 😕 Anyway, for anyone that had the same problem as me... Install Aurora instead of updating, that's what worked for me.
  10. Am I the only one having a problem trying to get games to show up? I could use some help. (And why do LiNK compatible games say LiNK not available?)
  11. I'm having an issue trying to get onto the site on my PC (I'm using Chrome) should I try installing the update via Xbox or should I wait for the website to be back up? If I can't get onto the site can someone upload the download link?
  12. Not gonna lie, that would be pretty cool to have. I would prefer YouTube over Chrome. But I don't think it's possible. Even if it was, ask yourself this; If we can do that on PC, Android, and iOS, what would be the point? Honestly, I only see a web browser being implemented, not YouTube. But if it's possible, what would we do with it? I doubt we'll be able to download anything, lol. But still, cool idea. I would like to at least have YouTube available. Something I want to see happen is additional options on Aurora. Such as NXE settings and access to the Music Player. (Or at least Windows Media Center)
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