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  1. Script "Aurora cleaner"

    sry for double post, but this section is right so i have problem with aurora on hardisk external, when i boot console, go in dash normal, because the hardisk start later... how can set it? and i have aurora so in the memory (4gb) of console xbox 360 slim E for this reason, and if the memory fills all I have problems to download the cover or other things I want use Aurora script for cleaner old cover or images, for titles that do not use more.. but don't work
  2. Hi Swizzy i have installed this script on my console, i use aurora in the internal memory (slim E console 4gb), because dashlaunch dont boot aurora if i use aurora folder in my hardisk external (need configure dashlaunch? time hardisk or other) now i need cleaner my also 4gb memory, from title update not used, cover and other file not necessary, it's possible? The script aurora cleaner work on internal memory?
  3. Title update problem (0.6b)

    Ok i use a new Aurora folder, and title update from pc work but title update (cache) doesn't work, and i can't save it on usb (hardisk external) during download of Aurora
  4. Title update problem (0.6b)

    ok but i have problem with TU from pc too the game have TU in folder but don't work
  5. Title update problem (0.6b)

    so i return Aurora 0.5? dont work any TU
  6. Title update problem (0.6b)

    the problem is that do it with all TU, be downloaded from the PC (cache or not) or from Aurora
  7. Title update problem (0.6b)

    but the TU do not work even inserted by me with pc
  8. Title update problem (0.6b)

    yes in NXE i have title update with exclamation mark
  9. Title update problem (0.6b)

    thanks swizzy for reply NXE?
  10. Title update problem (0.6b)

    i do this but don't work
  11. Hi guys i have problem with TU in the aurora last version, title update do not install and remains in play TU: 0 i have hhd external and Aurora last version i tried with method pc and downloading in the dash but nothing help me pls
  12. [SKIN] Blue Mountains Neo (0.6b)

    i tried today skin and work boot on 12 seconds, i don't know why sorry for the inconvenience I hope, you can implement the change background for as theme
  13. Ah ok no problem man It's ok?