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  1. Hello! A friend and I have been trying to extract some models from this game called Kameo Elements Of Power(it's a Rare game, same guys who made Banjo & Kazooie) and we really need some help.My friend is using Ninja Ripper and a few others(I'll ask him so I can add it to this list) and we've got the ISO for the game but we're really stuck on trying to extract the models for this Xbox 360 game(there's also an ISO for an original XBOX version that we'd like to extract too)If anyone could help, that would really mean a lot!Also we created a Discord Server for the project to make things easier https://discord.gg/tKHMD83I've also tried a lot of tutorials for extracting xbox 360 game models but I'm not having that much luck either. Even anything little can be a huge help!
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