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  1. The partition on my 2T is FAT32 internal drive also FAT32 and then there the portion with 4Gb that is just there
  2. Hey guys. i plugged in my Xbox 360 for the first time in 3 years. it boots up fine but refuses to read my 2T external HDD. I them connected it to my PC and it works just fine. the HDD is formatted to FAT32. when i put the usb into the PC i can hear the External start up but on the xbox is wont spin up. i then unplug the power and plug it back in, hear it spin up, beeps a few seconds later then stops spinning. i then inserted a normal usb stick and that picked up just fine. please any advise would be great
  3. bud for me the best way to do it through horizon. That way it shouldnt go to the wrong destination....that how i did it and i never had issue. And just to clear things up a little....original song created for the game go into on file.....custom create songs from C3 or the site you mentioned went to a completely seperate file. This is y i am saying use horizon because it eill sort them for you. Hope this helps man
  4. Just a thought here because i have had that issue aswell....could it be the xex file?? Only reason im saying this is because i had issue with a couple of games doing this ( all rock bands. Serious sam collection and all Just dance games) and i found modded xex files and they all work i just couldnt find one for serious sam...
  5. bud make sure that is ur base version because I have never seen a bo2 base like that. go to the game in aurora, press Y, then right to something saying "last played", in that list all the info for the game is there. let us know if it is a typo or if it is right
  6. Yes it might be the best but i would still have the issue of RB 1 and 2 not working well. My RB 2 doesn't even work on my xbox. I know that it is a issue with Corona Motherboards. I can provide a link to the threads i found to show you if i am allowed to(not sure if i can post links to external sites). but this is my problem: 1. No Harmonix games work correctly on Corona Motherboards without custom xex and gen files. 2. still not sure if the DLC packs work on the MB. 3. the xex's are associated with TU's but the MediaID i have for RB 1 and 2 don't have those TU's. I assume that for example if rock band 2 has two different MediaID's, they will still have the same default.xex file for both MediaID's. correct me if I'm wrong and if anyone can explain why a single game has more than 1 mediaID that would help a lot. if anyone has come across this please let me know and tell me how it could be fixed.
  7. turns out I just had a bad copy of the rezurrection DLC. Thanks for the help anyways
  8. i will try and find the TU1 and 2 and see what happens. No non of them are custom songs man and RB 3 is impossible to find anymore...the DLC song that i have are for RB 1 and 2
  9. by what i saw online is that i need tu4 but the mediaID of my copy doesnt have it on unity
  10. i Thought the same thing but thats even where Horizon puts them. i did try placing them all into marketplace but it doesnt work. the packs came out in sets of three which are shoing in the game. but the songs that can out as singles are not showing up in the game at all. It just puzzles me that the ones that are showing are not actually playing. I forget to mention that i also tried using lisence cleaner and it didnt change anything
  11. hey guys. straight to the problem. the DLC's i have for my RB1 are showing in the game but will not play, once4 I select the song for example bob marley it goes to the loading menu but it gets stuck there. But there are a couple that dont even show up at all. Correct me if im wrong but the sets of songs go into the market place folder( those are shoing in the game) and the single songs go into saved data( these are not working). I tried adding them via Horizon, Modio and Directly into the folders. \they are all unlocked aswell and I am running tu3 which is the highest i could find for the MediaID of my copy of RB1. Can anyone give me a solution on how to get them working please. Next issue is that my RB2 will not work on my Jtag. My Green day didnt work either until i found a custom xex for the game and now it runs just fine. Can anyone help with that aswell. Thanks guys
  12. It was just a question. It was a feature that i wanted to know if it carried over from FSD. Every man to there own i guess
  13. I followed it step by step including the important info but still wont work, ascension, call of the dead and shangri-la are working great but not the others
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