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  1. Dual Nand XBOX 360 2x Hard Drives (1x 1TB for RGH and 1x 250GB for XB Live) XBOX is EU region.
  2. I'm not on as much nor do I have my classic xb setup. You could help by providing your save
  3. Also upgrade from FSD to Aurora. FSD is from what I'm aware no longer supported
  4. Sorry, only seen this now. You said external hard drive, this may be the problem. Try gaming with an internal hard drive or enable "hddalive". Possibility that your HDD is going to sleep soon after an area is loaded.
  5. It's probably been asked before but I couldn't find it in search if it was Long story short, bought a few movies on marketplace over the years, I can download it to my console and extract the files to the PC, is there anyway to get it to work on the console when demon-nand is enabled or better yet the 2nd console I have? (screenshot shows how the files are sorted, similar to GoD but shrunk down to 10mb per file rather than 166mb for GoD) Don't say "just download it elsewhere, you'll save alot of HDD space" or anything similar please, I know the score I'm just curious if its ever been worked around Thank you all
  6. I can't provide you a link however if google the three words that are in green text you might find a website that host older console games... I can not post direct links to them websites that offer ISO files as it would break the sites rules as this website is hosted in a zone where piracy laws apply Games can be hosted legitimately after time as the first xbox isn't support and the games are fairly and copyright restrictions eased, old however this website terms states no direct links
  7. Its your game buddy, your the first to have posted a problem. Try get the game again (I can't post a direct link) from another source
  8. the game starts with a video then crashes when it switches to load the game code, I dont think the video has anything to do with it, its trying to do something,and the 360 doesnt take it
  9. Re-extractd and uploaded ignoring the errors and seems to be fine starting to think it was the wifi signal being too low
  10. how you create a SFV file, just copy and paste your text into a text file?
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